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What's the corner line?
Artificial stone corner line, including angle line and pressing strip (1), including the outer corner angle line line (2) and the inner corner line (3), which is characterized in that the pressing strip (1) and body is fixedly connected with the corner line;
Automatic CNC band saw machine, product use and advantages?
Trolley type CNC feeding band sawing machine with rotary angle of 0 degrees to 45 degrees: real and the workpiece rotation, can be completed from 0 degrees to 45 degrees between the bevel of arbitrary angle.
What do you mean by corner steering of Bao Chun 730ABS steering wheel?
In addition, through the photoelectric encoder to collect corners, but in automotive applications, due to the reliability of photoelectric sensors and other issues, the use of less products, not much described here.
Gypsum wire installation dimension, 10 cm corner line, how many corners should be removed?
Usually remove 6 centimeters.When you saw and plane form an angle of 45 degrees, the most accurate way is to take a gypsum line, paste corner draw on the parallel line, on top of a transfer point, take the whole gypsum line paste corner, the intersection of gypsum can be marked on the line.
Shops corner how to decorate?
Highlight the special and value of goods.. At the top, preferably with a lamp, two walls to some embellishment, to finishing touch.
IKEA corner wardrobe 96cm size, why 73cm?
Sheet 18mm, the quality is relatively good point, the color of the film is more elegant, there are wooden film.
3.2*2.5 meters cloakroom, in the corner of the section how to deal with? How about making a corner with each other?
The size of the wall is suitable for the size of the product, the depth is 65cm if the wardrobe, businesses have exactly 2.5 meters of products, walls 2.5 meters to 2.5 meters, 3.2 meters of wall removed 65cm, with 2.55 meters, 2.5 meters of products can also be arranged. The corner has been made good use of.
How to solve the corner problem in the kitchen basket?
The utility model can not only maximize the use of the built-in space, but also make full use of the waste space at the corner so as to maximize the use value.