Strengthened Light Non-woven Tape

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Application: Be made of hightemperature membrane and high temperature polyester fiber,
bonded and compounded together by insulating cement F level. It is light(<65g/m2), strong
strength, thin(0.1mm), fireresistant, high insulation, soft, extruded and impermeable. Especially,
it has better properties in mine cable, rubber cable, marine cable and wind energy cable (It
doesn’t transform, melt or tack coat during the high temperature sulfidation process).








0.10 ± 0.02

0.16 ± 0.02



< 85 ± 10

110 ± 10

Tensile Strength








Long term stability



Absorbent Speed




Melting point



High Temperature Heat

Shrinkage at 200




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Q:Features of PP packing belt
According to customer requirements and samples, the production of printing, printing, icons and other special packing belt.
Q:What types of Baling straps are used for packing?
Wooden boxes, color coated sheet, strip, steel plate, steel wire, welded pipe, aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot, zinc ingot baling etc. different zinc plating method of packing tape: hot galvanized steel packing belt because it is in the hot galvanizing production line, through continuous annealing, continuous hot dip galvanizing liquid steel is heated in a short time and the cooling performance than the original cold rolled sheet stamping. Electric galvanized belt in electroplating process, is not affected by the heating and cooling temperature, so the stamping is roughly the same. The original properties of cold rolled plate of the galvanized layer, without formation of fragile Fe Zn alloy layer, good ductility of galvanized layer but, because of its surface porosity, low intensity, easy to scratch, prone to dry paint pollution.
Q:Polypropylene packing belt edge why will be scared
Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin made by the polymerization of propylene. According to the location of the methyl group into isotactic polypropylene (isotactic, polyprolene), random polypropylene (atactic polypropylene) and syndiotactic polypropylene (syndiotactic, polypropylene) three kinds.
Q:PET plastic belt will be crisp, what is the reason?
Plastic packing belt has become the main belt packing used in industrial packaging, widely used, users began to find that once mistakenly purchased on the market with inferior plastic parts will seriously affect the production of packaging, many users will encounter the problem of brittle plastic packing belt, so why plastic packing belt to be brittle and how to solve this kind of problem? The following 23 years by plastic packaging manufacturers, Guangzhou double Fai packaging for everyone to explain.
Q:What is the reason that the packing machine can not be put in?
There may be several reasons:1 wear and wear wrong,2, catch a foreign body obstructionTighten wheel 3, tape not dialed up, blocking the slip past
Q:Semi automatic packing and full automata are used for packing and distinguishing
Experts see doorways, the difference between the two packaging beltThe first is the difference between the material, the recycled material, the filler and the pure particle material
Q:What's the packing case for the pull case?
Tie the tie bar box to prevent shipment on the way
Q:Plastic packing belt and plastic belt packing the same? What's the difference?
Plastic packaging belt, also known as PET packaging belt, in plastic packaging belt inside, the intensity is the best, is currently popular in the world instead of steel belt new belt. By virtue of its low cost, beautiful and durable, recycling, high degree of automation, widely used in steel, aluminum, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, paper, metal cans and other industries.
Q:What's the difference between PP strapping and PET packaging
Pet packing belt is suitable for packing large and heavy materials, such as glass, steel, stone, brick and so on. It is more suitable for long distance transportation. The PP straps are suitable for packing cartons or other lighter objects. The steel belt is suitable for auto parts, oil drums and so on.The above mainly from the material, performance, cost, safety and use of simple analysis of the PET packaging belt, PP packaging belt and steel belt three packaging tape, respectively. In order to facilitate the vast numbers of users with good choice, different packaging belt, packaging different products. Double glow PET belt has been widely used in the steel industry, aluminum, glass, wood, stone, brick and so on.
Q:Packing belt
Alias strap. Packaging belt (strapping) is made of polyethylene, polypropylene resin and cold rolled strip as the main raw material, and also made of nylon and polyester as raw material. It is made by extruding and drawing in one direction and hot at the same time. In addition to corrugated box sealing, strapping, hot rolled steel coil strapping, cold rolled steel coil strapping, glass, tubes, materials, fruits, etc. can also be bundled.

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