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I plan to replace my freon heat pump/ air conditioning unit. Do I need to replace the pipes between the outside unit and the inside heat exchanger?
There's no need to.
I have quotes to replace a heat exchanger on a boiler. The boiler is 16 years old and a couple of the companies have suggested replacing the whole boiler. Are there other components that are likely to fail soon after a heat exchanger? Am I likely to extend the life of the boiler significantly by replacing the heat exchanger only?Thanks to all for any help or advise
A leaking warmth exchanger is amazingly risky! It signifies that the metallic has corroded to the point of failure. The leak will by no ability get any more desirable effective, it is going to truthfully proceed to strengthen worse. 3 bar of stress interior of reason important. a million bar is the equivalent of one million environment or 14.7 kilos in keeping with sq. inch. 3 bar then is an identical as almost 40 5 psi. each sq. inch of the nice and comfy temperature exchanger then has almost 40 5 kilos of stress attempting to push its way by the metallic. The water in the nice and comfy temperature exchanger will be drastically hotter than 212 degrees F lower than 3 bars of stress. If the metallic fails the water will flash to steam, increasing in the approach. that is like igniting dynamite. it may and could do significant damage on your position. you want to have a qualified boiler provider technician are available and have a seem on the device. it truly is achieveable that you'll want a sparkling warmth exchanger. it truly is likewise achieveable that a gasket is failing and needs to get replaced. yet another danger is that water vapor in the combustion gases is condensing because it provides up warmth in the nice and comfy temperature exchanger. those issues each and each require a diverse restore. Be secure and make contact with in a technician to ensure the precise nature of your worry.
i only want to know that what is a good absorber of heat i only need its aplication?
silver, gold, copper... In general,metals are very good heat absorbers. In ambient-air heat absorbers composed of many heat exchanger elements arranged one above another, the flowing air often flows too smoothly through the intermediate spaces, so that the heat exchange takes place only incompletely. As a result of the insertion of lattice grids onto the (smooth) surface of the heat exchanger elements, this uniform flow is varied. The result of this is a greater absorption of heat by the absorber.
The hot water is working, I just want to know what else to check, if there is a valve that needs to be turned or if my temp isn't set correctly.
Hello Tammy. Your question has been unanswered for 2 days. My best guess is because it needs a few more details. Is your installation a boiler, feeding a heat exchanger to forced air? How long since you witnessed it functioning? Has it been worked on?
I am looking to find an approximate for temperatures you can acheive using solar flat plate or evacuated tube collectors for space heating? What temperature can water or air (an answer for both would be great!) reach in the system so that it could be put through a heat exchanger for space heating? Its for biomass drying therefore the higher the better. Thanks!
There is almost no limit. Using mirrors to simply focus sunlight yields temperature high enough to vaporize any material. A piece of flat iron (or a concrete driveway) left out in the sun will reach a temperature of 80 Celsius. You'll literally burn your feet walking on it.
PF Heat exchanger is shown in drawing. Engineering field exchanger using to cool the line. In Petrochemicl plant what does this mean by P F?
sorry, my first guess was wrong ;) 10 points for the guy below ;)
I live in a house that is very well insulated, consequently the heating/cooling costs are very reasonable, and I'm grateful for that. However, I'm becoming concerned with the quality of indoor air - specifically if the oxygen levels are dropping because the house is not getting the recommended number of air changes per hour, especially in winter months. I'm considering ventilation with a heat exchanger to insure adequate O2 levels, but I'd like to see if I really have a problem before I invest.I would like to find a reasonably priced indoor oxygen meter/monitor, that I can use for an occasional spot check. Anybody have a source?
Oxygen Level Meter
Im a gas safe registered engineer so I have no experience in electric heaters. There is no gas in the street so getting it piped up is not an option. I dont know if panel heaters are cheaper then storage heaters etc. Ideally im more interested in the running cost but at the same time solar panels are to expensive to install. So im looking for a realistically cheap install with the lowest running cost possible.Any Ideas
Where I live it is up to the buyers bank to order the property being sold an inspection by a certified home inspector who should have found that. It would have been a condition in the sale and the agents ,again, should have caught that.