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Hebei China (Mainland)
Galvanized,PVC coated,Copper coated

Stainless Steel
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1) Size & Specs:
   Wire Dia: 22~16 Guage
   Length: 4" to 44"
2) Surface: Black Annealed Wire, galvanized, PVC coated
   Copper coated; stainless steel wire .

3) Packing: 1000pcs/bundle, 2500pcs/bundle, 4000pcs/bundle, 5000pcs/bundle or
  100pcs/bag or according to client's requirement.

4) Usage: Tying rebar in construction and bag packing.

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Q:How do you strip tv wire?
I tried using a knife but ended up shortening more wire than stripping it. The copper wire actually comes through in two places. I use a knife to cut in between them and then I use a wire stripper to remove the covering on each side. The Muse
Q:How do i wire the remote wire to my amp?
The red wire off of the wiring harness for the radio is the remote wire. You need to run atleast a 16g wire(a 12 gauge wire would be best) from that red wire on the radio to the remote power input on the amp. I do not know what kind of setup and amp you have so I can not give further info, sorry.
Q:house thermostat light-green wire used for?
The standard wiring for Heat/Cool T-stat. Is as follows Red 24 volts to the T-stat. White to the heat. Green to the fan relay. Yellow to the condenser.
Q:Resistance of a wire?
yes, it's a proportion. (2.5/100)7.2 = 0.18 ohm A little more analytical approach is dimensional analysis. I sometimes get proportions backwards, but dimensional analysis prevents that. 7.2Ω/100 m = 0.072Ω/m 0.072Ω/m x 2.5m = 0.18Ω .
Q:wiring / ohms / amp help?
myself I even have 2 - jl w6's under pressure to 3 ohms. under pressure to a fosgate 4 channel amp, the two channels bridged and the amp sees a million/2 ohm after bridging and the amp works positive with the best points set at 0 i are not getting the suitable overall performance this type and would desire to cord to 6 ohms. and bridge to 3 ohms and this would be greater suitable yet have not tried it yet will interior the destiny. shop this set up if it sounds reliable yet seem interior the destiny to get an amp or subs that artwork at the same time.
Q:lighting/wiring issue?
You need a new cable from the light switch to the fixture and between the fixtures. Since you are in doubt about how and what to do this i suggest you hire a qualified professional electrician to do the work. The next choice is to buy a book on electrical wiring so you can understand what is needed and why.
Q:Trunk Wire??
it might be a connector for a cd changer. if it has a factory radio with a cd button, but no in-dash cd slot, that could be what youre lookin at. sounds like a square plug? maybe 10 or 12 holes?
Q:how do i wire a new light to old wiring, i have 2 red & 2 black wires & no earth wire from ceiling.?
There should be black and white wires in the ceiling. Black is hot, white is neutral. If there is no ground wire, that's OK. You just wouldn't connect the ground wire anywhere.
Q:How do you solder wires together?
Q:Need help wiring ceiling fan?
Typically bronze is ground so attach it to the blue wire. white is neutral so attach the two whites wires together. All the other colors in this example are hot or power, one will go to the lights on the fan and the other willpower the fan, In other words black to black and red, the blue wire in the picture is a grouned

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