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What material is vermiculite?
Its crystalline structure is monoclinic, and it looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by hydration of certain granite. It is commonly produced with asbestos. Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil.
My agriscience teacher gave me two ficus clippings to root and grow. We applied rooting hormone to the bottom of the clippings. I have a plastic tent around them with spaces for air to get in. I pruned the leaves off except for a few near the top. They are in a growing media that contains perlite and, I think there is some vermiculite. Are there any tips I need to know to help it live?
bright light, no direct sunlight, and consistently MOIST soil not soggy and never dried out
How to transfer hot steel between two workshops?(the convenient way)?
Cover the hot steel in a steel 5 gal bucket that has Vermiculite in it. The Vermiculite will not melt or burn and it holds the heat and allows the steel to cool slow. If a 5 gal bucket is not big enough get something bigger.
I have a pot of radish seeds to start in zone 10 and i‘ve read that peat moss was wonderful so I thought why not use all of it in the pot and get awesome radishes?. I thought it was the best idea, so I planted my seeds (and a baby tree) entirely in peat moss and added plant food (sea kelp). Was that a great idea?
The trouble with peat is that it runs water and gets hard as a rock when it drys. It is hard to keep a constant level of moisture in peat. Peat moss it also acidic. Using peat to loosen soil in a garden also adds organic matter to the soil. It doesn't clump because soil is in between the particles.
How can the new vermiculite be treated?
It depends on whether you buy vermiculite, vermiculite or swelling vermiculite. When you buy the vermiculite raw materials, you can grow flowers and mix them in the ground with the soil and other fertilizers. Expanded vermiculite is finished and can be used directly without further treatment.
I looked at the Wikipedia article on vermiculite, and it wasn't clear whether it contained asbestos or not. Would it be safe for me to put on a mask and scoop the stuff up, then vacuum up the rest?
vermiculite will give you some air pocket in the soil for air exchange and the peat will hold the water to keep the plants from drying out so fast. but once the peat drys out it is a little hard to get it to be wet again. to get it moist again you will have to soak the peat for a day in some water and this also depends on the size of the pot you are planting them in. dont use terriacota pots that really dry out plants it nice but unless you seall the out side it will dry out the plants and peat quickly. keep in mind how long it may take for t he redwoods to spout also. you need to go the a web site for trees and look up redwoods and see how long it take to germiate the seeds. Oh ya you can mix the to medium.
What is a a soilless potting mix ?
Differing types of soilless potting mixes can be bought from garden centres or nurseriesyou will find there is a variety to choose from. Coir fibre, peat, perlite and vermiculite make up the bulk.
I just moved into an older Victorian house. I haven‘t run the heat or air conditioner, but last night the temperature was 45 outside and it went down to 62 on the first floor where the thermostat is. The 2nd floor where our bedroom is was cool, but not that cool. It did warm back up to about 70 or so during the day, but the house really didn‘t warm back up too much.Do you think I have a problem with lack of insulation and that is why it‘s getting so cold at night?
Victorian houses can be bloody freezing! The wall cavities are near none existant and usually vermiculite or 100mm of insulation in the loft at best on the lat and plaster ceilings. Also the roof is probably not underfelted (the black stuff underneath the slates). You want at least 400mm insulation. Rockwool is a good brand. Even the BQ stuff. You can even apply to your local council for vouchers to get it cheaper from BQ. If you are over a certain age (usually 60) you can get it done for next to free on a grant by firms like Solarwall. Basically get yourself some fibreglass insulation, some rubber gloves, a parer suit, and a good dust mask (the paper ones are crap), pay about ?15 and get a proper face hugging rubber respirator one, the difference in performance is huge. Make sure you dont pack the insulation right to the very edges as your loft needs to 'breathe'. Leave about 4 inches. The cold air meeting the warm air without fresh air blowing thru your loft causes damp. Damp means mould and mould means damage! The insulation stops the warm air in your house escaping thru your ceiling, not keeping it in the loft. You have a cold house by nature. You can maybe get cavity wall inulation but i doubt it due to the zero/near zero cavity. Hope this helps. Get some double glazing. Get some draught excluders. If you have a coal fire close the draught diverter. Need anything else just ask! Heating engineer for 12 years.