ZGSB Type Pad-mounted Seal Structure Tranformer

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Q:Transformer Uk = 4.5% What does it mean?
Uk represents the transformer impedance voltage, refers to the transformer short-circuit impedance voltage. The impedance of the transformer (now the standard is called: "short-circuit impedance") standard value with a percentage (per unit value) to represent. General small distribution transformer standard value of 4% or 4.5%.
Q:How do I choose a transformer? The
Select the transformer, you can not choose too large, can not choose too small According to the following method to select the transformer capacity.    There is a very important data is not provided, is the load at the same time coefficient. Transformer with the actual load and equipment rated power ratio is called the transformer load factor. The concept of the load factor for the load is the probability that the load is used at the same time, also called the coefficient or the simultaneous coefficient, which is the probability of simultaneous use of the device. The total load is 300kw, but they are used at the same time there is a probability that the probability is the load factor. It is impossible to always use at the same time. Of course, you can according to the actual situation to calculate their own, power factor selected 0.80.   With this formula, s = p * kX / cosφ Transformer capacity s = device rated power p × transformer load rate kx / power factor cosφ = (300 × kX) × 0.80 This is the transformer capacity.    Do not know what the motor is used under the circumstances, so it can not be calculated, and only calculate the same time after the generation of the formula into the above formula. If the coefficient is 0.9, then the results of about 340 kVA, are used at the same time, that is, 375KVA, consider a certain margin and spare capacity, that can choose 400KVA. In addition to the above considerations, in particular, consider the motor starting current factor, select the transformer more reliable. As far as possible by the big do not rely on small. And the standard capacity of the transformer level 315,400,500,630KVA, 315KVA a little small, 500KVA big and no need. So choose 400kvA it
Q:Transformer 1250KVA Dimensions
10kV grade distribution transformer oil immersion 1250KVA appearance size 1786X1170X1410 (length X width X height); dry 1250KVA appearance size 1470X1200X1450 (length X width X height), for reference, the specific best asked suppliers.
Q:transformer amperage question?
if transformer has secondary rated for 12V 1A, it means that you can get 12VAC out and maximum of 1A. If you exceed the current you will cause transformer to overheat and eventually burn. It does NOT tell you that coil is 12 Ohm, it tells you that largest load (lowest resistance) that you can safely connect to this transformer is 12 Ohm. If you connect 10 Ohm, you are going to see larger current which will overheat and eventually ruin transformer. you can use ampacity tables to determine minimum wire size to carry current of some magnitude.for example for 1A you would need at least AWG28 for a bare wire in air (free air circulation). insulated wire will carry less because insulation has certain temperature rating that is lower than that that of metal, plus insulation prevents heat exchange so current carying capacity is derated. In general for 1A you would need AWG26 or thicker (AWG24, etc.).
Q:Why the computer water does not use transformer oil
by the economic losses are not large. Strong electricity is different, the water requirements must be pure water in order to achieve low, medium and high pressure insulation requirements, but pure water production and maintenance of pure water need a higher cost, it can only use insulating oil.
Q:What is the power transformer, what is the rectifier transformer
Transformers are usually divided into power transformers and special transformers. You said the power transformer should be the power transformer in the distribution transformer, that is, low-voltage side directly for the use of electrical equipment. Rectifier transformers are rectifier devices for power transformers. Rectifier equipment is characterized by the original input current, and vice president through the rectifier output after the original DC. The main purpose of rectifier transformers: 1, electrochemical industry, such as: electrolytic copper, aluminum and so on 2, traction with DC power supply, such as: subway, light rail and so on 3, transmission with DC power supply, such as: rolling mill motor armature and excitation 4, DC power supply with DC power supply, 5, electroplating or electrical processing with DC power supply 6, excitation with DC power supply, such as: synchronous generator excitation 7, charging with DC power, such as: battery charging 8, electrostatic dust with DC power supply 9, cascade speed
Q:Transformer if the boost and buck current will change?
Completely correct transformer output power = input power x efficiency, However, this refers to the rated voltage and rated current The actual output current of the transformer is determined by the load.
Q:Should I get Transformers: Fall of Cybertron or Just Cause 2?
^^^ I disagree, Just cause 2 is just a bunch of flying around with your unrealistic/infinate parachute while shooting people. (Not that transformers is realistic) but still. Just cause 2 will bore you to tears i kid you not.
Q:Can Someone Explain Transformers?
I'd like someone to explain these dumb Action movies to me too!!! :
Q:KW how to know how much transformer?
Transformer is rated by the kilovolt, is the apparent power, know the kilowatts, with the kilowatts divided by 0.8 is KVA, should stay a certain margin, preferably 20% of the amount. for your reference.

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