WDZA-YJLHB8, WDZA-YJLHB9 (ZA-AC90(一40)) Interlock armored alloy cable

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It is a kind of cable with low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant. In accordance with the requirements of GB/T12706.1GB/T 17650.2, IEC 60754 and IEC 60502.1 standards.


Product characteristics:

 WDZA-YJLHB8 is a kind of stainless steel interlock armored cable with high flexibility, cross-linked polyethylene insulated 90℃, single or multiple core as well as low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant Class A;
WDZA-YJLHB9 (ZA-AC90 (-40))is a kind of aluminum alloy interlock armored cable with high flexibility, cross-linked polyethylene insulated 90`C, single or multiple core as well as low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant Class A;
Cables contain no heavy metals, green and environmental protection. This model of cable can reduce the operation difficulties as well as manpower cost caused by pipe layouts. The cable has been completed with high flexible interlock armored in the factory with no need for pipeline and their accessories as well as operations like labor-intensive wire stay, buckle, tubulation, etc.
This model of cable is applicable for exposed or concealed laying in non-humid environment, and having the same performance with pipeline laying method.






Number of cores

Nominal cross section


8000 SeriesAluminum alloy core cross-linked polyethylene insulated stainless steel band interlock armored low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant Class A power cable




8000 SeriesAluminum alloy core cross-linked polyethylene insulated aluminum alloy band interlock armored low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant Class A power cable




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Q:POE Faq - Is it ok to use a poe power cable into a computer or a switch?
Yes, you can attach PoE or non PoE devices to the switchports. No worries. If a device is not configured for PoE, than it won't use it.
Q:Is power cable of 2.5 sq mm sufficient for 1.5 ton window AC?
You don't mention Kw rating or voltage. You need both these to deermine current. 2.5 sq mm cable will carry 28 amps.
Q:Double sided AC power cable pins?
If the equipment is under warranty, I might consider taking it back and complaining. If not, the hardware store is your recourse here. Good luck!
Q:I have a Compaq Laptop R3000 and I need an alternative power cable?
in case you're a do it your self guy attempt to get the plug at a digital shop like Radio Shack and adjusted your self that stands out as the low-fee determination, maximum adapters had the cable related to the potential furnish so the subsequent determination would be to interchange the potential furnish which will fee a minimum of 60 money additionally try OKorder in specific situations you get areas very much less costly there.
Q:Where the computer can be a bare chassis. Which hardware inside the framework
Power cable YJV22-10KV-3 * 400 safe carrying capacity: in the air deposited capacity of 565A, buried 520A.
Q:Do most computer MB does not contain a power supply connector for a SATA power cable coming from the SATA HD?
ur mainboard is only ide compatible then, u can add a sata pci card tho so as to add sata drives !!! :)
Q:The lights in my room goes out when I take out the power cable on my PS3?
Bad wiring in the house? Sounds at least like a situation like that. Not uncommon in buildings of certain times.. older types of wiring used. And worse not ready for todays amount of electronics. So yeah check the wiring. In between time buy a few extension boxes, you know the type with more then 1 electronic socket. But most important a switch. That way you can switch it off and that way such discharges won't happen any more.
Q:Why does the AC welding machine burn out the equipment?
Cable bridge spray to improve the corrosion resistance and anti-aging. Spraying the cable tray is the electrostatic powder coating equipment to spray the powder coating to the surface of the bridge, under static electricity, the powder coating will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the cable bridge to form a powder coating, powder coating layer through the high temperature baking flow Flat and cured, into the effect of different (different types of powder coating effect) the final coating. Spraying effect in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects are better than the painting process, the bridge body metal can play a good protective effect, the cost is also under the same effect of paint. The basic principle of electrostatic spray technology is the static generator to produce negative high pressure (10KV or so), the use of corona discharge phenomenon powder coating (a variety of colors) adsorption on the metal parts, powder coating by the supply system by compressed air Nozzle, the front end of the nozzle with a high voltage generated by the high voltage static generator, due to corona discharge, in the vicinity of the dense charge generated by the powder from the nozzle when the formation of charged paint particles, it is the role of electrostatic force , Is adsorbed to the metal parts up, after heating the powder melting, and natural cooling curing, in the workpiece surface to form a hard coating. This kind of spray cable tray is made of this.
Q:Amp power cable wont fit on battery?
just okorder.com /
Q:Which is better: continuously plug the power cable to my laptop or pull the plug out when it is full?seedetail?
Use your laptop as you would a mobile phone. Have it fully charged, then run it until it's almost flat. Once again, the battery does have a memory, as said by another person. and also if it's continuously left in power it can also cook the battery cells so when you unplug from power you may have 5 mins of battery life if that. Ammil makes a good point, however if you asking maintenance wise, his response isn't relevant as he refers to Performance more than anything.

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