Two Cloth One Film Composite Geomembrane for Water Conservancy Reservoir

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Product Description:

Compound Geomembrane Description:
Compound geomembrane is compounded with geotextiles and geomembrane impermeable material, it is mainly used for seepage control, composite geomembrane is divided into a cloth a film, a film and two cloth wide 4 to 6 m, weight of 200-1500 - g/m2, tensile and tearing resistance, bursting physical mechanics performance index is high, can satisfy the water conservancy, municipal, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel and other civil engineering needs. Due to the choice of the polymer material and production process to add the aging proof agent, it can be used in the abnormal temperature conditions.

Two Cloth One Film Composite Geomembrane for Water Conservancy Reservoir

Compound Geomembrane  Specification:
1)One geotextile and one geomembrane: geotextile 100-800g/m2, geomembrane 0.1- 1.0mm
2)Geomembrane with geotextile on both sides: geotextile 100-400g/m2, geomembrane 0.2-1.0mm
3)Geotextile with geomembrane on both sides: geotextile 100-800g/m2, geomembrane 0.1-0.8mm

Compound Geomembrane Property:
Good flexibility; separation, reinforcement and protection; waterproofing

Compound Geomembrane Application:
Reinforcement in channel; embankment, reservoir; waterproofing in reservoir; rock fill dam and transportation tunnel.

Compound Geomembrane Packaing
Our packing is strong enough to withstand bumping and rough handling under normal condition.
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Q:Now undergraduate civil engineering, what courses, which textbooks?
Main courses: engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, rock mechanics, foundation and foundation, engineering geology, engineering hydrology, engineering drawing, computer application, building materials, concrete structure, steel structure, engineering structure, water supply and drainage engineering, construction technology and management
Q:Is the glass made of wood?
The civil material is clearly defined and does not contain glass
Q:What are the main features of gypsum for civil engineering materials?
Coagulation hardening fast, condensation hardening when the volume of micro-expansion, porosity.
Q:Civil engineering graduation, after work which test is good?
I am learning civil engineering (road and bridge) for this problem, the prospect of civil engineering is still good, earn money is of course, of course, is difficult conditions, for the newly graduated students, I suggest or to the construction line to exercise, Also 5 years or so, naturally you will be transferred back to the city, the premise is to rely on their own efforts! When a project manager is easy, you are basically in the city stay, live a hotel is very good! For these documents it is slowly test, there are years! Construction division is not worth the money, 3 years is about 15000! Wait until the engineer intermediate title on the more test card! Just graduated from the test is the secondary construction division, according to the theory you can not test this year!
Q:Discussion on the importance of materials in civil engineering
No material, you become archaeological. Only digging!
Q:Material in the role of civil engineering in which should be the main understanding
7, the establishment of material analysis files (price, supply) timely feedback decision to build the five members of the work of the staff is mainly the contents of these materials in the work of the staff in a more important position. But also an indispensable part of construction.
Q:Material science and civil engineering which is better?
Definitely civil engineering is good
Q:Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory electricity about how much watts
This is hard to say, the laboratory equipment to ask the owners to know the electricity
Q:Material in the civil engineering in what kind of position
Each material has its own characteristics, the researchers for each material given design specifications, engineering staff based on design specifications for the design, construction workers according to the design of construction.
Q:Definition of civil engineering materials
At present, from the narrow sense of the definition, civil engineering is equivalent to civil engineering, that is, construction (or structural engineering) this small range.

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