Triple Metal Bed

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Product Description:

Specification of Triple Metal Bed




Production thchnique:

cold compression,

high-temperature painting

phosphating,deoiling, derusting,

high voltage static electric spraying,

carbon dioxide gas as protective medium to carry out the welding,

Package of Triple Metal Bed

Packed in standard export package or as requested.

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Q:A bed that can turn the mattress straight to the wall
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Q:How to prolong the service life of the rib bedstead?
1. Keep clean. Regular cleaning of bed bed, but not water or detergent washing. At the same time avoid wet wood.2, don't often sit on the edge of the bed, because the bed of the 4 corners of the most vulnerable, long-term sitting on the edge of the bed, easy to make the edge of fixed structure damage.3, do not jump on the bed, so as not to suffer damage to the ambassador's bedstead.4. Remove plastic packing bags when using, so as to keep the environment ventilated and dry, and avoid the damp of the mattress. Do not let mattress exposure too long, to avoid fading fabrics, accelerated aging.
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Hi, in your area or look on kijiji. Hope this helps.
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The regular camper bed that is a seat when folded up will fold down to be a bed that sleeps one. The pop top when pushed up is another bed, which can sleep another one person. 2 people can fit in the top bunk, but it will be kinda cramped. So about 3 people can sleep in a VW all together. Hope this helps a lot :)
Q:Do I need a bed skirt with my new sleigh bed?
I don't think so due to sleigh beds usually being so high of the floor. Bed skirts usually fit lower built bed so that they hang evenly to the floor.

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