Toples Tower Crane TCP5510 With Jib length of 55M

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Product Description:

TCP5510 Description

Feature: Tower Crane                       

Condition: New

Rated Loading Capacity: 6T            

Rated Lifting Moment: 630KN.M

Max. Lifting Load: 6T                        

Max. Lifting Height: 150M

Span: 0-55M                                     

Model Number: TCP5510

Certification: ISO,CE                     

Warranty: 12 Month

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas third-party support available


TCP5510 Features

free height: 50m        

max.height: 150m  

jib length: 55m

tip load: 1.0t            

max.load: 6t

power capacity: 34.8kw

power supply: 380V/50Hz or according to clients need


TCP5510 Specification

Toples Tower Crane TCP5510 With Jib length of  55M

TCP5510 Pictures

Toples Tower Crane TCP5510 With Jib length of  55M



Toples Tower Crane TCP5510 With Jib length of  55M

Toples Tower Crane TCP5510 With Jib length of  55M

Toples Tower Crane TCP5510 With Jib length of  55M



Q: What is the brand for the tower crane converter?

A: Normally, more than 10t series tower crane is equipped with converter. The selected converter includes SCHNEIDER, SIMENS, YASKAWA…it could be selected as per clients’ request.


Q: Why your price is expensive than other Chinese brand?

A: We select high quality steel and electric components and backup with CNBM research institute, strict quality control system and professional local after-service team, which make tower crane a big difference to others.

Notes: the sale representative should get the following information: what is other Chinese brand and what is their design (it is better to get the technical data)? What is the electric parts brand? Does counterweight frame and climbing cage included? (The sale representative should try best to find the difference and then feedback to our headquarter)



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