steel wire extension tube ( modified PP)

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500000 m/month

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OD : 60MM

ID : 50MM

thickness : 5MM

weight : 150g/m

texture :  modified PP

extension ratio : 1/4

temperature range :-10℃ +120℃

length : 0~30m

applied range : wire sleeve 

Special specification can be made at the request of customers

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Q:Is there any way to insert a plactic tube into another tube that is a bit wider?
Then try going the other direction and freezing the smaller tube. That may make it shrink enough to fit.
Q:How many calories is one tube ices?
what flavor? cherry would have about 150 calories
Q:how many plastic tubes could i 3D print, with one spool?
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Q:What's the difference between pipe, tube and flexible hose?
Answer A: Tubing normally has separate connectors, while hoses have integral/attached connection fittings. Answer B: If you've ever been hosed, you'd know the difference. Think of a rubber or vinyl garden hose or a canvas/cloth fire hose. Now think of copper, plastic or rubber tubing. Used similarly, constructed slightly differently in some cases, sometimes indistinguishable, sort of different ends of a spectrum with a meeting/overlap point somewhere toward the center of the category. Hoses can carry water or liquids, tubing can, also, but is used for gases under pressure, as well. Tubing, to put a fine point on the topic, generally has greater lateral/sidewall rigidity and strength than hoses.
Q:Why plastic pipes have high strength and rigidity?
The high strength and rigidity of plastic pipes are determined by plastic raw materials
Q:What are the types of plastic pipes?
Plastic pipe is a high-tech chemical composite building material, and chemical building material is following the steel, wood, cement, the new fourth new types of building materials. Plastic pipe with water loss, energy and material saving, ecological protection, convenient completion etc., widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban drainage and gas pipe and other fields, become the main force in the new century urban network. According to the material of pipe making, the plastic pipes used for construction can be divided into PVC pipes, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes, polyethylene pipes, XLPE pipes, etc..
Q:I was using a plastic tube to draw the oil from the dipstick port. The plastic tube got stuck and I couldn't
Good job. Hope trying to save a few bucks and doing it the lazy mans way has taught you a lesson. I'd be surprised if it did though. You can either push it all the way down into the pan or remove the dipstick tube from the block and get it out of there. I would have someone who knows what they are doing do it for you or chances are good you'll be back here asking another question.
Q:what do you call a plastic tube that holds electric cables?
Q:how to glue a rubber hose to the a plastic tube?
that won,t work that way. if you can,t afford a radiator hose then get a piece of plastic pipe, cut the radiator hose where it,s cracked and use 2 big screw clamps. that will work until you get the money for a new hose.
Q:how much fence privacy plastic tubing needed?
Each box covers 40 sq ft. 4ft X 10ft = 40 sq ft so you will need 1 box.

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