Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Machiner Manufacturer China

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Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Machiner


Spherical roller bearings operate in arduous conditions. The spherical rollers can be symmetrical or unsym-metrical and are self-aligning in the outer ring sphered raceway. Thus, the possible coaxiality deviations of the supporting bearings as well as shaft bending can be compensated.

Spherical roller bearings are generally used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. Their cups are separable for easy assembling.

It have two rows of rollers, a common sphered outer ring raceway and two inner ring raceways inclined at an angle to the bearing axis. The centre point of the sphere in the outer ring raceway is at the bearing axis. Therefore, the bearings are self-aligning and insensitive to misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing, which can be caused, for example, by shaft deflection. Spherical roller bearings are designed to accommodate heavy radial loads, as well as heavy axial loads in both directions

Spherical roller bearings are designed with double-row raceway inner ring, spherical raceway outer ring and the convex symmetrical rollers. With the same center as the bearings, the spherically formed outer ring raceway can make self alignment, which can adapt the deflection between axis and housing bore.This kind of bearings can take great radial load, suitable for heavy machines used in paper-making, mining, vibration sieve, rolling mill and so on.

Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Machiner Manufacturer China

Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Machiner Manufacturer China


Excellent alignment compensation

Suitable for large radial loads

Low to medium speed ratings

Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Machiner Manufacturer China

Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Machiner Manufacturer China

Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Machiner Manufacturer China

Spherical Roller Bearing for Heavy Machiner Manufacturer China


Application :

heavy machinery (e.g. construction and mining machines), rolling mills, gear boxes, shaker screens, etc.


Q:How long es cycle of bearing life?

A:According to international standards, at least a year and a half , up tu 2 years

Q:How to maintenance bearing

A:Add to lubricantes on time

Q:Have diagram for bearing

A:The small one no have, large bearings will provide diagram

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Q:How to eliminate the use of spherical roller bearing axial thermal expansion
The outer diameter of the sleeve shall be equal to the raceway diameter of the inner race F, and the machining tolerance standard shall be d10. Press outer ring needle roller bearings, preferably with mandrel mounting.
Q:Can the self-aligning bearing bear axial force?
Can only withstand a relatively small force, if you have great force, I suggest you consider the use of other bearings
Q:What is the diameter of the outer diameter of the bearing 3624?
This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical, the former residence of a self-aligning performance, when the shaft by vertical bending or tilt of the inner ring and outer ring and the center line of the center line of relative inclination of not more than 0.5 degrees to 2 degrees, the bearing can still work.
Q:Excuse me, this 23122din635/p2 spherical roller bearing, bearing the code is what mean? Yes, please. Thank you here.
The German din635-2 technology standard about spherical roller bearing, equivalent to GB/T273, GB/T307.X standard.
Q:At the same time spherical roller bearing and deep groove ball bearing using it
Yes, the advantage of self-aligning bearings is that they can move the center of the shaft
Q:Seen on a shaft are respectively arranged at both ends of the two wheel roller bearing spherical roller bearing is 4 disc?? what is the harm?
Second, it is difficult to mount the 2 plate bearing on each bearing seat at the same time. The shaft down to say, but in fact in the manufacture of bearing outer ring deviation on (although within error),
Q:Which type of bearing is it better to replace double row self-aligning ball bearings?
Self-aligning ball bearings are cylindrical and conical in two. The taper of the taper inner hole is 1:12 or 1:30. In order to strengthen the lubrication performance of the bearing, the annular oil groove and three oil holes are machined on the outer ring of the bearing.Self-aligning ball bearing 12 series and 22 series bearings allow the tilt angle of 2.5 degrees, 13 series and 23 series bearings allow the tilt angle is 3 degrees, when the bearing is used in full tilt conditions must ensure that the bearing and peripheral parts have sufficient clearance; when the speed increases, the bearing noise of tilt there is increasing trend. Because of noise restrictions, the actual bearing angle of tilt angle is much smaller than the maximum possible; for bearings with a tapered bore, after installation is difficult to accurately measure the bearing clearance, bearing with tapered bore so the installation requires some experience and technology; with polyamide frame bearing temperature retention should be less than 120 DEG C.Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, in the outer ring with a common spherical raceway, and two inner ring raceway, at an angle with the bearing axis (Figure 1). The spherical center of the outer raceway is located on the axis of the bearing. Therefore, the bearing is a self-aligning bearing (Fig. 2) which is insensitive to centering errors between the shaft and the bearing seat, which may be caused by factors such as shaft misalignment. The spherical roller bearings are well designed and can bear heavy axial loads in two directions in addition to the high radial load.
Q:I would like to ask you, there are 3 kinds of spherical roller bearing drawing?
Maybe I can find itOr to Wuxi, tooI can't ask you hereYou want to cut theOr the grinder
Q:The difference between IDC and open the sealed spherical roller bearing
The so-called bearing comes with sealing, that is, the bearing itself is made into a sealing device. Such as bearings, dust cover, sealing ring and so on. The utility model has the advantages of small space occupation, convenient installation and disassembly and low cost.IDC is only a brand mark of bearings
Q:This class of 23022CC/W33 spherical roller bearings which have characteristics
The only feature is the difference between the cage components, the CA is the common holder, the CC is the steel cage, and the MA is the copper cage of the potential!

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