Solar Module 245w 250w 60 cells Mono 260w Black

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Product Description:

We are in the position to supply you solar panels(20w~310w).

*Featured products in our warehouses and factory:  

  Poly    245w,250w   (60 cells)          Mono  260w -Black  (60 cells)

*800MW annual production capacity with full-automatic  production line

*All our solar panels are insured by CHUBB

*Bankable in Italy(Unicredit) and Australia(HSBC)

*Certificates: TUV, PV CYCLE, MCS, CE, JPEC, UL, ISO, ICIM and CEC

*Warehouses in  Holland and Australia


1. What advantages do we have?

1. We have our own factory,support customization.

2. The delivery cycle is short, and it can be shipped within one week at the latest.

3. Engaged in the photovoltaic industry for more than ten years, one-stop service, rich installation experience.


2. how can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment.


3. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

With over 12 years of combined solar energy experience, Hisem New Energy continues to be part of the renewable energy transition by helping you harvest clean energy at any given location in the world.

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Q:I'm looking for a solar panel that has something you can plug thigs into, I don't know let's say grow lights. I want something that these lights can plug directly into and I can't find any online. If there is any I would like to know of the cheapest and best quality, I know that's an oxymoron but still. The lights are 600 watts so I need something somewhat strong. Thanks
Are you looking for the best and Affordable Solar Panels? Find and compare brands of Solar Panels for home power systems. Contact us today for more details.
Q:I want to install a solar panel system and our power grid can't work in reverse(so it get its electricity from us). My question is how do you prevent electricity from our panel to go to the grid without disconnecting the grid? How can we also use the grid and the panel at the same time when the panel are not creating enough power?PS dont say ask an electrician
If you are grid-tied, then a standard solar electric system will always feed back into the grid if you are not utilizing more power in your home than is being generated by the solar panels and inverter system. It is possible that a grid isolation device designed to prevent direct back feeding is available, but haven't heard of one in common use. New laws in most areas of the US are now mandating that utilities allow grid-tied alternative energy systems. Double-check you local laws. Sometimes you can't take the utilities word for truth--most will automatically say 'no' and will only relent when you show up with the law in hand. Unfortunately, some utilities have figured out another way to shut down alternative energy pioneers--they demand multimillion dollar insurance policies covering damage that their equipment could sustain from your little PV system. Technically, they are still in compliance with the law, they just make it impossible for a homeowner to meet their requirements. If you are getting the runaround, go to your state representative for help. It's amazing how contrite those utility people can be when a state senator (or even US Senator) has just sent a letter asking them why they are stonewalling a law-abiding and well-meaning citizen. Good luck, and don't give up!
Q:I want to buy a solar panel kit to run my central AC unit. it is a 3 ton unit. Can I do this? The electric rates in the Chicago area are skyrocketing and I can't keep paying 350 dollar electric bills during the spring and summer months
I know that in Texas we wouldn't even try to run an air-conditioner on a generator without at least a 6,000 watt generator and we would prefer a 0,000 watt generator. The calculator on the Kohler website says it'll be 7,500 watts. At $5 per watt to install a solar photovoltaic system and assuming you also need to run it through the night and taking into account that an inverter can be as bad as 60% efficient, you're talking about $87,500 just to run your AC for 25 years. The first step in going solar is to significantly reduce your energy use. You're not going to maintain your current energy use on solar, at least not cost effectively. If you did want to run an AC on solar power, you may want to look at absorption air conditioning and use evacuated tube solar thermal collectors instead but don't expect it to be cheap and it usually only augments the use of natural gas in the absorption chiller.
Q:I need to know where I can buy the parts or find them as scrap to make my own solar panels. Is there a cheap way of buying the panels or can I make them myself.
Build okorder /
Q:I have a building company in UK and am interested in becoming a solar panel installation contractor
You okorder
Q:how the energy of load connected to solar PV measure.?Want too the basic idea about it.The role of current flowing thrugh the load?Can u explain with example..can explain simply?Im not an electrical student so explain very basics
A solar panel is made up of solar cells. Each cell produces about 0.5 to 0.6 volts. Cells are connected in series, like the batteries in a flashlight. Enough cells are placed in series to produce the desired voltage. Cells produce very little current, so many strings of cells are connected in parallel to produce sufficient current. The output is direct current (DC), like that from a battery. A home solar system needs alternating current (AC), so an inverter is used to change from DC to AC. Some systems have batteries for backup power. In these some of the DC output is used to keep the batteries charged. Systems are measured in kilowatts. System sizes are chosen to meet the demands for electricity. My system has a 6 kilowatt (kW) rating. The true output is more like 4. Now that you know this much you can Google SOLAR SYSTEMS to learn more.
Q:I have a 500 watt inverter and battery but need solar panels to run my need. I want to have enough juice to run a computer and monitor and sometimes a 5w amp. I am not sure how much power is needed to run the computer (standard desktop with 5flat screen with an additional surround sound system) though on the side of the computer it says 5 amp but I know I used to run it and monitor and surround sound with a heating blanket on the same circuit which was rated at 20 amps. My question is that I would like to go and buy some panels (cheaply as I'm unemployed) from somewhere like Harbor Freight that would meet the need of the converter to supply enough amperage. So what size panel(s) or panels would I need to run this setup? If I am correct I think 500 watts is equal to 5 amps. Would this even work? Could I run a partial system where I could run some of the stuff to take a load off? I need to lower my electric bill somehow. Thanks!
Solar okorder in their survival discussion in the archive, this exact project was discussed at length.
Q:hey, Im going into my senior year at high school and after that will be moving to Pennsylvania where my family has a house on ten acres and I will be going to college there and living all year around. My father wants to build a huge barn for our cars and other stuff like tools, I mentioned too him what about solar panels on the roof to power maybe the house and barn. Would this be a good Idea? Where would be the best place to look into getting solar panels be? Thanks for anyones help!
This is a site that can help you estimate the size and number of panels that will power what you intend to provide for. There are plenty of sites selling the panels, so compare prices. Also, check whether your state is offering the rebate like the state of CA is and what the restrictions, terms and conditions are. Even with the rebates they are very costly, so be certain to calculate the pay off period for your application to see whether it is a cost efficient option for your energy usage.
Q:I am building a solar car for the energy wiz competition and I was wondering how I could possibly get my solar panel to shift sideways
having solar panels move like that on a mobile platform is inadvisable -- especially if there is a dynamic wind load resulting from the motion of the mobile platform. Even having a tilt mechanism is dubious at best. think of what limited marginal gain would be gained by mounting a small solar panel on the moon roof of a car. (ultimately, the best answer is to turn the car so that it's angle to the sun is optimal -- but the road/travel direction constraints are what ultimately prohibit that.) while there are ways to build sliding panels, the weight constraints would interfere with your weight/thrust ratios to the point of futility. if you really need that panel somewhere else, don't slide it out of the way, just buy another panel and mount it there. it's more expensive, but it's actually the cheapest solution in terms of design on a mobile platform.
Q:Can u guys help on how solar panels work and how it generates electricity?(or u can give me a good website that has solar panel info on it)~Thanks in advance!~
Solar okorder under products that are sorted by watts per area. Also go to wikipedia to get more detailed information on solar cells.

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