Rubber insulated flexible cables power or electrical household appliances

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Product Description:

. Use
                 This product is applied to power or electrical household appliances and a variety of mobile or electrical devices and tools with AC rated voltages of Uo / U 450/750V and below

II. Properties:
(I) General rubber sheathed flexible cables:
1. This product should comply with GB5023-1997 and JB8735-1998 standards.
                       2. The long-term allowed working temperature of the cable should not exceed 65 ℃;
                 3. W-type derived cable has the properties of resistance to weather and certain resistance to oil, and suitable to be used outdoors or on the occasion when oil stain is contacted;
                     4. The finished cable should withstand the voltage experiments stipulated in the following table.

Experimental conditions


Rated Voltage

300/300 300/500


Length of the sample


Full volume

Full volume


Room temperature

Room temperature

Experimental voltage




Voltage regulation time




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Q:if we provide power through power cable will there be need of extra capacitor near load?
Yes, if you are talking about a bypass capacitor. Electronics always requires a bypass capacitor near the circuit/IC. Having one at the end of a cable means the cable inductance is in series, and the impedance seen by the IC power supply leads is inductive and high instead of the needed low impedance that a local bypass cap provides.
Q:Can you use a graphics card w/o power cables?
No, it will simply not work as the additional power supply is needed even for normal operation (not just gaming). This is designed to avoid overloading the motherboard's power circuits.
Q:I have a Compaq Laptop R3000 and I need an alternative power cable?
in case you're a do it your self guy attempt to get the plug at a digital shop like Radio Shack and adjusted your self that stands out as the low-fee determination, maximum adapters had the cable related to the potential furnish so the subsequent determination would be to interchange the potential furnish which will fee a minimum of 60 money additionally try OKorder in specific situations you get areas very much less costly there.
Q:With a i3-2100 desktop computer about how much money. To have a separate graphics card. Give a configuration alone, no more than 4000
Can be buried, the general depth of 0.8 meters, the cable on the road to be added through the road.
Q:my mobo only has a few IDE cables.. ive got 2 hdd one sound card 2 dvd roms that need these.. i have to unplug
you have two IDE ports in your mobo,each one for an IDE cable.every IDE cable supports two devices - master and slave. so you can either: connect the two HD's together,one will be the master(where your primary OS is installed),the other one the slave.making sure the jumper pin configurations are set correctly for master and will find the instructions on how to do this on the stickers at the backs of these HD's.connect the two optical drives as well to the other IDE cable,same procedure,jumper pins,master and slave. or another way is you can connect one HD and one optical drive together on the same cable,master and slave. if you're not sure about the jumper settings,just use cable select option. or you can get an IDE PCI card adaptor.just put in into any free pci slot on your pc then connect the other devices to it. another way is to get SATA drives to free up the IDE connections.but you will need a SATA PCI card adaptor,if your mobo is not equipped with a sata port. as for the power supply,the cheaper alternative is to get multiplier cables.they are short cables like the ones you see in your end is a male connector that you connect to the power cable(the cable connected to your device),on the other end are two female connectors for your devices.but you have to take into consideration the wattage of your installed is intended for the wattage of your system,usually manufacturers give a higher wattage rating than what is actually written on the label,for safety reasons,but don't count on that because it's going to be a very small margin.if your powerbox gets really too hot,get a new one with higher watt rating. with four devices - two HD's and two DVD Drives,you shouldn't have any problems at all regarding your IDE connections. but why is your soundcard connected to your IDE cable? if that is the case then you have to get a PCI soundcard. hope that helped.cheers.good luck.
Q:Cable WDZ-YJFE2 (4X185 + 1X95) what does it mean
Shaft bracket spacing is not necessarily a certain, and the bridge to the thickness of the model.
Q:Yjv22 cable laying pipe when the casing with plastic or steel pipe
In the air defense regulations, the pipelines of the air defense zone need to be treated with the protective wing ring. The bridge frame is designed according to the cable laid in the bridge. The cable size and quantity determine the size and quantity of the casing. Increase the standby, air defense requirements casing with hot galvanized treatment, both sides of the exposed wall shall not be less than 100 mm, wing ring production can refer to rigid waterproof casing or flexible waterproof casing (explosion-proof). The general construction plans will have a clear sign, or should be presented to the Design Institute in the trial.
Q:Dell Inspiron 1720 power cable problem?
contact dell maybe theyll help u
Q:Power cord(cable) size?
The only thing about SOOW is that the insulation is only rated for 600 volts, and the peak voltage of a 480 volt RMS system is 678 Volts. The peak-to-peak voltage is 1386 volts, and two adjacent phases will see a maximum potential difference of almost 800 volts This will be unsafe -- the insulation might breakdown (even though that 600 V is a conservative rating). Two adjacent phase cables will provide for 1200 volts rated total insulation and that is more than the phase-to-phase max of almost 800 volts, so you could take a chance, but I wouldn't recommend it. As for the wire size -- 10 gauge wire is definitely large enough to handle 16 amps. 12-gauge wire would even be sufficient, especially since you can compensate for the voltage loss. But, stick with the 10 gauge anyway, for a larger margin. You need cable that is rated for higher voltage. .
Q:I have a power cable that says 7A 125v and my DVR says 4A max, will the cable work or harm the DVR?
The cable will work just fine.

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