Round Strand Steel Rope with Quality Carbon Steel With High Quality

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100 m.t./month

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stainless steel wire rope

Grade201,202,301,302,303,304,304L,316,316L,430,420,310S etc
Tensile Strength 200-2000N
Weight of Coilabout 3-30kg
Applicationaviation, weave, printin, electro communication, environment protection, medical treatment, dailyused goods and other interrelated fields as a industrial fundamental material.

Packaging & Delivery 

PackageStandard export package   coil,spool,bundle,wooden case etc or according to customer' requests
DeliveryOne Week or according to the quantity

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Q:Electron flow in a conducting wire.?
Well, the wire is connected to a voltage source. When they leave the positive terminal, they go through the wire, then get to the negative terminal. They then flow through the voltage source and back into the wire.
Q:What is the wire harness called.....?
Its called a wire harness. I beleive it is the main dash wire harness, but you wont get anywhere with that if you are trying to get one from a parts house or dealer, You just have to hit and miss at the salvage yard or digging around yourself and get lucky. But if you can trace the wires to a block connector or firewall connector you will be in luck and just tell them the location of the block where the harness is connected and you should be there, just remember all your options in you truck will have to match the options in the donor truck or the harness wont work for you
Q:ways to join wires together?
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Q:Does ground wire need 2b copper?
Ground wire is common convention at electrical boxes. Ground wire from point to point in any circuit is part of the wiring cable used. On a ceiling light, there is little danger of electrical shock if there is no ground wire from the fixture to the metal box. However, your replacement wire will work just fine.
Q:immersion heater wiring diagram??
Normal wiring with two connections on thermostat, on from timer and two on element would be a single wire from one of the timer wires to one connection on thermostat, one wire from other connection on thermostat to heater connection, then one wire from other heater connection back to remaining connection on timer. This is if the thermostat is high voltage and not a low voltage signal to a controller perhaps on the timer.
Q:can you sure me a diagram how to wire a sensor and light up?
Most sensors have three wires coming out of it. 1. The black wire on the sensor goes to the hot incoming power (usually black) wire. 2. The white wire on the sensor goes to the white common wire along with the white common wire of your light. 3. The red wire on the sensor goes to the other side of the light connection (usually black wire). If you connect all of this during the day, it will turn on for a moment when you first power it up, then the sensor will detect the daytime light, then turn back off and wait for darkness to turn back on. To cap: Line side power (input power) goes to black and white; Load side power goes to red and white.
Q:Home wiring question?
Green wire should be screwed into the inside of the receptacle box or pigtailed to the bare copper wire in the back of the box. If neither a bare wire or a green screw is present, call an electrician to run proper wiring to the box
Q:Wiring surround sound speakers?
Do not use cat5 wiring. Yes it will transmit the sound but the wires gage is too small. It is also solid core wiring. Solidcore wiring is not the best for speakers. Use a good quality oxygen free copper speaker cable around 16 gage up to 50 ft. If you have 100 watts/channel or more you should use a 14 gage wire. If you are over 150watts/channel use 12 gage. Remember the wire gets bigger as the gage goes lower.12 gage wire is thicker then 18 gage wire. I personally like the Moster XP brand of speaker cable. it is not that expensive. Sometimes moster cable can be overpriced but not so much in the case of this wire. It is very flexible and will layout nice on the floor. I have purchased wire in the past that was similarly priced and it was garbage. The 20% rule stated above is indeed whack as I would have been spending $2,400 on speaker cables. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. About a $1 to $2 per foot is resonable. You will get a more than adequate wire for that price. That is about what the Monster XP cable I use costs. But copper is expensive now so the cost may be higher.
Q:Will spliting wire halve voltage?
Q:large spark plug wires?
Wow, both answers are wrong and one that took engineering classes bashing on somebody that didnt. Both answers sounds dumb and foolish Spark plug wires. 99% of the larger wires is ONLY the outside jacket thats larger. Not the inner wound wire. Stock will be a 5mm to 7mm size. This is the size of the outside dia. An 8mm, 8.5mm, or 10mm plug wire will have the same size inside dia but with a thicker jacket on outside. This thicker jacket only helps to prevent nicks, rips, cuts in jacket that gets down to wire, also makes wire able to withstand a higher temp from under hood parts For the Mech. Eng.. Please tell me how you could ruin the spark plugs for too much voltage by using larger wires The voltage output in set up the coil. If the coil puts out 30,000 volts DC, then putting a 0 ga. wire on it will NOT change the amount of voltage that gets to the plug. A wire don't add voltage to the coil. Now the plugs resistance can and will change. A stock type wire may ohm out at 3,000 ohms per foot. This will keep some of the voltage from reaching the plug. Better, performance wires will ohm out at 50-400 ohms per foot, but this has nothing to do with the thickness of wire. Its the design and the carborn wound inner wire Lower ohms is better

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