Roofing tile mould Machine

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Product Description:

The first class full-automatic large-size CNC concrete tile moulding machine for roof or floor usage is the most advanced innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly professional tile forming equipment by far.


Main technical parameters of the first class full-automatic large-size CNC concrete tile moulding machine for roof or floor usage:

Main technical parametersDetails
Voltage380 V
Rated Power12 KW
Molding Cycle6-8 seconds / piece
Molding Pressure6500 Kilo Newton
Output Per Shift2400-3000 pieces
Product Specification940 x 640 x 15 mm
Weight of the Main Machine12 Ton
Dimension of the Main Machine 4500 x 1680 x 2650 mm


The first class full-automatic large-size CNC concrete tile moulding machine for roof or floor usage includes the following parts:


Product NameModel Number
one mixerLK-350
one elevatorLK-1
one main machineMYW-10
one hydraulic forkliftLK-1
one manual ridge/edge tile making machineLK
2000 pieces of steel tile mouldsLK

5 pieces of plastic ridge tile moulds

5 pieces of plastic edge tile moulds


Working Principle

Mix water, raw material such as cement or coal ash and sand up in proportion and feed the mixture evenly to the main machine of the CNC concrete tile moulding machine, and then under the high pressure of a hydraulic cylinder and a mould, semifinished concrete tiles which become concrete tiles after maintenance and painting are produced. If different moulds such as terrazzo or brick moulds are applied, terrazzos or bricks can be obtained.


Advantages of the tiles produced by the first class full-automatic large-size CNC concrete tile moulding machine for roof or floor usage:

1. Unique water-proof structure

2. Easy to construct

3. Strong wind resistance

4. Good heat insulation

5. Freezing-thawing resisting and weathering-resistant

6. Diversified shapes and various colors

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