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Ringlock Scaffolding High Quality with Low MOQ Q235

Ringlock Scaffolding High Quality with Low MOQ Q235

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Ringlock Scaffolding High Quality with Low MOQ Q235


Ringlock Scaffolding High Quality with Low MOQ Q235

Ringlock Scaffolding High Quality with Low MOQ Q235


Ringlock scaffolding, also called Modular Scaffolding and Multidirectional Scaffolding, the junction enables quick and easy connection of load bearing items as well as reinforcing parts to each other with an enormous rigidity.

On the vertical welded many disc every specific distance ,there is 8 holes on the disc,used to jonit the posts. On the bottom of vertical post is a base collar used to connect the scaffolding and the ground. Ledger is made by a tube with two wedge welded on the ends separately.


Detailed information


RingLock Scaffold System and Accessories


Scaffolding System


Steel (Q235/Q345)


D48*3.25mm, etc


Electro Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Painted, Powder Coated


Standard, Ledger, Diagonal Brace, Bracket, Base Jack, U Head Jack, Etc.


Slab Support, Staircase, Stage Plateforms, Bridge Support, Mobile Tower, etc.


OEM is Available

Items or goods can be manufactured according to your standards.



* Good loading capacity

* Easy to assemble

* Stable and durable thanks to its structual design & automatic welding quality




What can we do for you?

    We can ensure the quality of the vinyl banner and avoid extra expenses for customers.

    We can design the artwork for you.

    Please feel free to customize.


    10-30days according to the order qty.

Q:Hi my next door neighbours are building an extension to their house. The builders asked if we would allow scaffolding to be placed on part of our driveway. Now, these builders are taking too long and the builders attitude is rude when questioned how long they gonna take to finnish. If we want the scaffolding to go, what righs have we got as we gave verbal permission to the builders to have it put up by scaffolders and the planned extension not yet completed?
mom says more rights than the neighbor since they are taking too long to finish its in your favor - it is your property not the contractors mom would make a comment like this to that rude contractor since you have left this scaffolding abandoned in my drive way for a month (whatever time) i am sure that when you return in the morning someone else will have removed it for me since your permission time has long expired and you have been repeatedly asked to remove it - so if you value your equipment investment it will be gone before supper tonight - AM I UNDERSTOOD !!! (that last part would be really loud and right in his face, probably with a finger poke in the chest) then when they don't remove it be prepared with wrenches and a pick up truck to remove it before their return in the morning - stashing it out of sight but on the property when they question you about the missing scaffolding you can offer to rent one to them that was abandoned in your driveway for $500.00 dollars a day (she would smile her prettiest smile when she said this) be prepared for a fuss - but they had their chance - stand your ground that's how mom rolls - she plays for keeps - not many cross her - when they do they quickly regret it - she would have it in small pieces in front of their eyes, but she suggests the first description for you - mom is tough but incredibly fair - the rules are the rules for a reason whether you like it or not, or anybody else for that matter
Q:Okay, so I got a scaffolding/industrial piercing today I'm really happy with it. Now all I'm wondering about is cleaning it. People have recommended that I bathe it in salt solution for a few minutes each day to keep it clean soothe it. I have a couple little syringes, minus the needles, that my dad brought home from work, (he's a nurse). They are completely sterile, infact new out of the packet. Would squirting the salt solution directly onto the piercing wounds be equally good to clean it ? Or does anyone else have any suggestions for taking care of said piercings ?
No, squirting piercings with solution is never as beneficial as actually submerging them in the stuff. In my opinion, leaving the piercing alone and giving it sea salt soaks are the best methods for helping it heal.
Q:I've had my industrial piercing for a long time now, but I was wondering if I could put two 14g tongue rings in the holes. Would that damage them or make them crooked? Also, could I use two tongue retainers? Thanks.
That's scary, why would you like to do something like that. Just to look cool, what would you do when you get bored of it or grow out of that thought of having had it for a while now. No one can predict whether it will damage or cause problems. Good Luck.
Q:I'm getting scaffolding put up round my house. Its a Normal size house and its being put up all round the four walls to the top. will it be put up in 2 hours or more? or less? I have no clue please help me.Thanks!
all depends how many guys are putting up the scaffold but I would say more than two hours
Q:does it hurt more than just getting your lobes pierced or the same?i just got a my ears pierced (so now i have two lobe piercing on each ear) it didn't hurt.i'm not sure if i should get it or not.
It is one of the more painful ear cartilage piercings and, as such, hurts more than getting your lobes pierced. It's also much more difficult to take care of. BTW: I love your Andy Warhol avatar. He's my favorite artist.
Q:Disc scaffolding used in the country?
Even the overall collapse, but the cost is higher, after all, is a new type of support, it is recommended to use a more mature bowl buckle scaffold, although more dense but the cost is not high wow, forget to adopt.
Q:I'm not worried about the pain and whatever, but I've been told that it deforms your ear. I really like the piercing and want it pierced, but not if it's going to deform my ear. Will it?
It can collapse your cartilage, if you get it done with a gun. If you go to a professional, and they do it with a needle, you'll be fine.
Q:Bowl buckle scaffold can be used to support it
This bowl buckle scaffold will be built more stable, reduce the probability of accidents
Q:Bowl buckle type steel pipe scaffolding vertical pole bowl button node by what composition
All the components of the axial connection, good mechanical properties, the connection is reliable, the composition of the integrity of the scaffold, there is no problem of fastener loss.Structural partsThe bowl buckle steel tube scaffold is composed of steel pipe pole, cross bar, bowl buckle joint and so on. The basic structure and erection requirements and fastener type steel pipe scaffolding similar, the main difference lies in the bowl buckle joint.
Q:why is dimmesdale on the scaffold in chapter 12 of the scarlet letter?
dawww when I saw dimmesdale' I thought you were going to talk about Fairly Odd Parents. If you want to know, try reading the book or watching the movie. According to the movie easy A, you have to watch the old movie not the new, better one.

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