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1.Waterproof,UV resistant

2.Aluminum and PVC Structure

3.Cheap party tents for sale white

4.Wide range of site selection


aluminum frame,steel frame


bay distance: 3m/4m/5m

roof pitch: aluminum frame18;steel frame20°

maximum tent length: no limited

frame material:hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy ( GB6005/T5, GB6061/T6 )

steel components: hot-dip galvanized steel, the thickness over 60um

Fabric material: 650~850g/sqm double PVC-coated polyester textile, UV-protection, rainproof, anti-fungus, weatherproof,flame,retardant (DIN4102 B1/M2)

flame retardant: DIN4102 B1/M2

wind load:100km/h ( 0.5KN/SQM ).

radiation: UV resistant

space utilization:100%

installation:easy to install and uninstall.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Frame with PP bag,fabric with bag,others with wooden box .

Delivery Detail:according to detailed size

Our products have good quality and cheap price, it is the best choice for wedding, party, exhibition, competitions and other activities. Can be customized in according to your needs.

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Q:What should be noticed when setting up tents?
In the tent before, must carefully survey the terrain, the rolling stones, bowling and rock weathering of those above the camp do not, once found signs of rocks scattered around, absolutely can not take a tent, especially on the rock wall near the place is to pay attention to, as far as possible to avoid the camp where the concave.Don't build camps over mudslides. Many of the stones are covered with mud, which is the chief sign of debris flows. The campsite should not be chosen too near the debris flow passage. Do not camp on the peak or empty ground during the thunderstorm, so as not to be struck by lightning. Do not set up camps on flood days, river beds, streams and valleys in the rainy days, in case they are washed away by sudden floods.
Q:What is the specific modulus of the tent stand made of fiberglass rods, than the tensile strength and specific gravity parameters?
High modulus glass fiber, also called M glass fiber, has the characteristics of high modulus of elasticity. Compared with alkali free E glass fiber, its modulus increases by 20 to 30%, and tensile strength is increased by 20 ~ 40%. High modulus glass fiber for FRP products and cutting-edge new materials, higher requirements on the elastic modulus.
Q:What should I pay attention to when buying an outdoor tent?
Rod: the thicker the better material: DAC (Aluminum Alloy bar, South Korea imported limit environmental professional tent) > Aluminum Alloy (general professional tents and high-end leisure tent) > fiberglass rod (leisure series)
Q:What do you pay attention to the selection of tents?
In the past few years, the supporting rod tent from aluminum rod evolution cannot be bent become collapsible aluminum rod or lighter fiberglass rod, only a few large family tents, still use old aluminum rod as support. The new type of support rod can be used simply to pull it out when it is used, rather than requiring assembly work like an old support rod. When not in use, they can also fold closer to take up less space. There are still some arguments about the merits of glass and aluminium. FRP is lighter, more strength and cheaper than aluminum, and it folds more tightly. However, the main problem of FRP is that its brittleness is greater, and it is easy to crack under the influence of different weather conditions. The cracked FRP poles can not be repaired and must be replaced completely. The aluminum products are easy to repair, small fault does not affect the use of the paste, and it can just replace the damaged part.
Q:How heavy is a tent?
See what you do. Generally speaking, you can see the weight of the cloth, the material with the brace, the number of users and the range of application.
Q:What kind of cushion do you have in the tent, suede or aluminum?
Because the moisture-proof pad aluminum film can isolate cold and moisture effectively, self driving can use air bed, PVC aluminum moisture-proof pad on foot to buy a single, because it is very light, Himalaya can look at the outdoor equipment, there are clouds, mountains, and for the four series, the entry-level can use cloud. Family travel home series on the line
Q:What does "tent automatic" mean?
Automatic tent is only used for outdoor leisure tent.Camping outdoors?.That is to buy tents to double major.
Q:What about the quality of outdoor tents?
1, see fabric waterproof performance, generally more than 2000, water pressure on the good2, look at the tent waterproof stickers, if the entire tent has waterproof paste, it will not leak
Q:What are the details of choosing a tent?
Generally used for mountain tent is mostly yellow or orange; if most of the time for low altitude trekking activities, flysheet yellow are easier to recruit small flying insects. Therefore, the recommended colors are blue, green, orange and other bright eye-catching color
Q:Mobigarden outdoor tent and snow wolf which is cost-effective, moisture-proof and waterproof function?
The history of the development of the two manufacturers, mobigarden have been leading OEM and mainland tent brand sales, the sales process and management should be compared with other brands will lead a lot. 2AIR mountain is actually to increase permeability because more are not in the cold period of the so-called tour pal so very famous in ass camp.

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