Outdoor gazabo aluminum PVC storage warehouse tent

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1 50m clear span tent

2 international quality

3 ISO 9001 & TUV certificate

4 Water-proof,fire-ptoof,

5 10 years guarantee

Large gazabo aluminum PVC storage warehouse tent

1 reinforced aluminum alloy and double-coated PVC fabrics

2 widely used in warehouse, industrial storage,etc.

3 can be fixed in any ground, eg. grass,  concrete, marble , tile, etc

4 no posts in the tent ,make use of the space 100 %

5 30M, 40M, 50M width avalible

6 water proof, fire proof (DIN4102, B1, M2 ), , UV resistant, anti-fungus



1) High reinforced aluminum alloy, great quality and never rusty, 6005/T6,Strong

and durable.

2) No pillar inside the tent, space can be 100% Utilized.

3) Unitized structure can be built up according to cunstomer needs.


1) Double PVC—coated polyester, 750-900g/sq.m .

2) UV protection, Flame retardant, Waterproof and weather resistant.

3) Fabric color is white, transparent or customerized


Hot galvanized Steel Components. Thickness over 60um,rust resistance

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Q:How to choose a camping tent brand?
According to the budget to choose price, say you choose more than 1000 tents, MSR, big nice, big nut is a very good choice, around 500, Keller and stone are mobigarden professional tent, about 200, free, Nuokaiwen almost all.
Q:Is it necessary to inflate the outdoor tent with inflatable inflator?
What is the use of inflatable pad, if the outdoor car can use the leisure air cushion thick, then may need to use inflatable tube or air pump; if you are hiking camping can choose inflatable inflatable cushion need special tools, that will increase the weight
Q:What kind of tents, good, anti - ultraviolet coating, canvas or Oxford cloth, the specific difference?
Canvas: thick warp and weft strands were woven fabric, with close thick, feel stiff, strong wear resistance. Simply say: Oxford than to wear canvas, and relatively hard point. It'll take you a long time to see it.
Q:What are the equipment needed for camping? How to distinguish between good and bad tents, please explain in detail
Summer is a good time for an outing and camping, and whether or not you begin to experience outdoor life, it is important to understand how important a comfortable outdoor tent is! According to the small tent living, wind rain ability, build difficulty, adjustable and easy to carry the degree of comprehensive analysis, it is bound to make you can easily pick up a tent for.
Q:Do you need a floor mat under the tent?
But in special weather and environment, they can also be equipped with floor mats under tents;
Q:What are the types of tents?
Bilge tentHold up like an anti deduction from the boat, and can be divided into two supporting rod, three rods of different, generally intermediate for the bedroom, two hall in the design studio, pay attention to the wind streamline, is one of the most common styles of tent.
Q:What's the cushion in the camping tent?
Warm, because when camping in the body in direct contact with the ground (on the bottom of the insulated tent is very little, so the) between the body and the earth as a layer of moisture-proof pad apart, the effect will be a lot of warm. Third, moistureproof. When camping in the wild, the ground is very wet at night and the moisture mat is waterproof and can play a role in separating the tide.
Q:Can the tent explode in the sun for a long time?
No, because the main material for the tent is polyester, and for a long time, it must be aging.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of super light tents?
The greatest advantage of light products is that it has relieved Laughton from the vast outdoors. Double coated silicone fabric, tear resistance is very strongGood, high water repellent coefficient, disadvantages: electrostatic reaction, and high cost.
Q:How to warm a tent?
There are some ropes outside the tent, which are used to reinforce the tent. There is no strong wind that can not be pulled. It is better not to worry. It is better to pull on the ground. Get up in the morning, if the weather is good, it is better not to immediately tent, and a little dry, and if the rain, home must remember to open dry, or it will mildew. The tent first to remove the external account, the account of the nails pulled out after Bieji's bar, open the door, the tent up to shake the earth, out there, and put it on the ground, the two pole took off a head, it can put the tent paved, the curtain rod from a push out, stop pulling, curtain rod is inserted up, pull on the loose. Finally, fold up the curtain and put away the inside and outside. Put it back in the bag. Don't throw the nails.

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