Disaster relief tent refugee tent slope shape tent

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Disaster relief tent refugee tent slope shape tent  

Features of disaster relief tent refugee tent slope shape tent

1 Adjustable height options for individual event needs

2 Ability to expand for increased usability

3 Easy to put up and demolish (1000sqm/day)

4 Tool free assembly

5 No posts in the tent ,make use of the space 100 %

6 Reinforced aluminum frame, strong  and light, easy to carry and store; PVC fabrcs cover

7 Durable and luxury,  fire proof, water-proof and anti-fungus.

8 Width from 3m to 50m, and no limit for length, bay distance is 3m/5m+


1 aluminum structure &PVC fabrics

2 water proof, fire proof, UV resistant

3 wind load 100km/h

4 ISO &TUV certificate

5 tente

Why choose us:

1 Our Tent has been dedicated to providing excellence in quality, affordability and customer service.

2 Newest technologies and products available,like pagoda tent, gazebo tent, dome tent, roof tent, curve tent , etc.

3 Tent width from 3m to 50m, length no limit, can be added by 5m

4  International certificate ISO 9001 and TUV

5 From weddings, corporate, sporting, or backyard events we have the selection of tents to fit your special occasion.

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Q:What should I pay attention to when I am going to take a tent and go out with my girlfriend?
If you put up a tent in the forest area, you can cut a rough branch with local conditions to make a beam, and use a thick branch as a support. If the ski tourism tents can make full use of skis, ski poles do pillar;Attention should be paid to the top of the rain cloth can not be wrinkled, the end surface can not be loose, the ground can not be uneven. If the mosquito, often do not account, it is best not to light in the account, can burn some AI and dispel mosquito.After setting up the tent, covered with plastic blankets or inflatable mattress, cushion when pine grass. The night when the back loaded soft pillows, toiletries, tableware with custom shoes at the door side, gold. Candles are used for lighting, kerosene lamps, paraffin wax, vegetable oil lamps, etc..
Q:What is the difference between a tent Hotel and an ordinary camping tent?
Camping tent comfort low, cheap price, most people choose to improvise a night of the tent, and the tent hotel is defined as "wild extravagance", a lot of people tired of city life to choose outdoor experience and nature close feeling
Q:What do you need for an outdoor trip or tent?
The width of the tent for 2 people is about 1 meters and 2. Double tickets and double beds are different concepts.Conditions allow, but not too heavy, can consider to buy one account.
Q:What tents do you use on the plateau?
On the choice of sleeping bags and tents, it is recommended that you bring a down sleeping bag with 15 degrees below zero and a double deck rain curtain. Plateau camping, usually wind larger, especially the Qinghai Tibet railway, northern Tibet Grassland, Ali and other places, winter evening outdoor temperature below 20 degrees below. If there is no indoor fire, but also to minus 5 degrees, like the ordinary sleeping bag and tent and do not play any role.
Q:How to set up a tent?
Hang in the outer support, that is, first open up the external account, and then put the internal account hanging on the external account. This method is more conducive to rain, because the inside of the inner account always keeps a certain distance from the external account, but it takes some time to support the first time. E225 uses this kind of support method;
Q:Which kind of tent is automatic and assembled?
The greatest advantage is convenience. Good "Didaopen tick away", known as the fast open tent expert, said: "the tent, two seconds, fast characteristic is convenient.
Q:Do you have to spread the cloth before setting up the tent?
The cloth is mainly used to protect the tent ledger, because camping place cannot all be clean neatly, the tent was easier to record ground pebbles like cut, but also can make the record shop not so dirty, so it is best to shop or cloth, tents are bought, cloth not much money to spend, and cloth have moistureproof effect, but if it is to limit the need to reduce weight, without it anyway..
Q:How to choose tents, to suggest or recommend
Tents are important equipment for camping, but they are not the only equipment. The role of camping is limited, generally speaking, the tent camping sleeping bag is warm warm commitment, task, main function of the tent is windproof, rainproof, dustproof, anti dew, moisture, provide a relatively comfortable rest environment for campers. According to the above goals, the tent should consider the following factors:1, easy to use and carry. Following Decathlon, tick away "tent, two seconds" concept has gradually been more and more sought after by the tour pal. If you are carrying, backpackers, or the kind of traditional tent is more convenient, after removal can be directly put into the backpack, car owners can choose to open the tent, folded after is a round cake shape, fit in the trunk.2, outside account waterproof, internal account ventilation, high-quality tents necessary two points. The most common tent coating is PU coating, PU is polyamine polymer, and PU coating is a kind of stable and low temperature resistant coating. It is often used in various kinds of fabric. The thickness of the PU coating and the coating technique determine the water repellency of the fabric. The coating thickness is expressed in mm, indicating the static column height of the coating under laboratory conditions.- the PU800 coating indicates that the coating is impervious to 800mm's static water column. The PU800 coating protects against moderate rain.
Q:How to distinguish between true and false mobigarden tent
At this time, you can do, it is best to find his replacement or return, if he does not tell you the truth, this online shopping is not good, not good with the seller to pay the money, you can only eat yabakui, you can only do their tent slowly mended, see the curtain rod can not to go with a tent accessories should be sold.
Q:What should we pay attention to when we set up tents outdoors?
The tent should be excavated around the gutter, and the tent position should be selected according to the wind direction. After the tent is set up, the ground nails should be set and the wind ropes hung.

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