protection eyeglass EN 166 / ANSI PC lens,safety industrial glasses Wide Vision Multi Color

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Product Description:

Safety industrial glasses EN 166 / ANSI PC lens,Wide Vision Multi Color

1 piece PC lens offer greater peripheral vision

Adjustable temples, available for any color

Anti fog and Scratch resistance lens

Meets or exceeds CE EN 166 F and Z87

Greater than 99% protection from UVA and UVB


SAFETY GLASSES  Technical Data

Lens List

Clear:    the clear lens use for either indoors and outdoors, provides impact protection.

Amber:  dark light environments, can improve the contrast.

Red:    indoor use, can increase the contrast, reducing the brightness of fluorescent      and halogen light and will not confuse the color.

Brown, green, gray and reflective mirror surface: outdoor use, light and glare on the   glasses to prevent sun damage and relieve fatigue caused by no infrared protection.

*  Extension-type glasses frame,easy and comfortable to use

* Snug fit with enough elasticity to provide comprehensive protection


*  Remark:  Soft temple tip (black)     Hard temple tip (blue)  



Item Number



Extension-type glasses frame,easy and comfortable to use  


blue & black 


12pcs/box, 18boxes/ctn




100 Pieces

Delivery time

7 days after receive the payment or according to quantity


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