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Product Description:

Safety Glasses Specifications:

1. Help protect your eyes from flying particles, dust, and splashes.

2. Goggles are injection molded of soft, pliable, non-irritating vinyl for your working comfort.   

3. Adjustable flex headband 
4.Fits all face sizes and shapes

5. Function: Visible light transmission -92% minimum, UV ABC absorption - 100%, up to 390nm,Heat resistance - up to 80ºC, Nylon nose pad offers greater comport and non-slip fit

6. Complete package available (hardcase, microfiber pouch, sunglasses cord, individual box)


Safety Glasses Specifications:

A) Grey: Outdoor. 100% UVA&UVB Protection
B) Clear: General purposes
C) Yellow: Night driving and pilot. Absorption of the blue light in the visible range providing contrast enhancement.
D) Red: Special UV mixed. Laser resistant rays 
E) Orange: Soft sight. Filtrate electric wavelength and infrared ray 
F) light mirror coating: provide protection against high impact and harmful UV rays for both indoor and outdoor applications without changing lens.

*  Extension-type glasses frame,easy and comfortable to use

* Snug fit with enough elasticity to provide comprehensive protection


*  Remark:  Soft temple tip (black)     Hard temple tip (blue)  



Item Number



Extension-type glasses frame,easy and comfortable to use  


blue & black 


12pcs/box, 18boxes/ctn




100 Pieces

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7 days after receive the payment or according to quantity


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