Safety glasses lentes de seguridad Glasses Goggles

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Product Description:

*  Adjustable  Arms
*  Scratch resistant and impact resistant Polycarbonate Lenses

* Black, Navy Blue and Yellow different color choice for frame

* Special mercury layer protect against ultra violet and other hazard rays (optional)
* Anti-Fog coated lenses for chemical & medical purposes (optional)
* meet with ANSI Z87.1 & CE EN166 Standards

 *  Optional lens color for different purposes


A) Grey: Outdoor. 100% UVA&UVB Protection
B) Clear: General purposes


C) Yellow: Night driving and pilot. Absorption of the blue light in the visible range providing contrast enhancement.


D) Red: Special UV mixed. Laser resistant rays


E) Orange: Soft sight. Filtrate electric wavelength and infrared ray


F) light mirror coating: provide protection against high impact and harmful UV rays for both indoor and outdoor applications without changing lens.


1. Product Specification 



Style Number


absorption wavelength



PC lens;


black frame ,orange lens 


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Delivery Time


Packing Details

1pc/polybag,12pcs/inner box,300pcs/ctn



Carton Size

 82x53x29cm ,as Request


L/C  at sight ;

30%deposit ,70%balance before shipment.


1)Superior quality

2)Factory price

3)Environmentally Friendly

4)On-time delivery

5)OEM,ODM orders are welcome

6)Lens can meet: CE Standard; UV400

7) Any Design, Color are available in your favourite;   




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