ppr pipe fittings female threaded coupling at a discount top quality

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Certificate:: ISO9001-2008 CE material:: polypropylene random Material:: PP-R
Brand Name:: CNBM Price:: depend on the order quantity Product name:: Hot and cold drinking water supp

Product Description:


ppr pipe fitting

1. OEM Available

2. Material:R200P

3. ISO15874 DIN8077/8078

4. ISO9001 14001 AENOR


1. Light weight, easy and quick assembly

2. Most suitable for carrying drinking water

3. Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance

4. Bacteriologically neutral

5. Low thermal conductivity

6. Safe and watertight joints

7. Reduce heat loss

8. High impact strength

9. Resistance to scaling

10. Resistance to frost

11. Usable in seismic areas

12. Resistance to abrasion

13. Resistance to stray current

14. Eco-friendly

15. Long operational durability

16. Overall Economical


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ISO9001 CE

inner packing


outer packing




payment terms

T/T L/C Western Union Paypal

delivery date

30 days after receiving 30% payment



1, High Temperature Resistance: the maximum sustained working temperature is up to 70 Degrees Celsius, the maximum transient temperature is up to 95 Degrees Celsius.

2, Heat Preservation: low thermal conductivity which is only 1/1500 of brass pipe, and 1/250 of steel pipe.

Non-toxic: no heavy metal additives would not be covered with dirty or contaminated by bacterium.

3, Corrosion Resistant: resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion.

4, Lower Installation Costs: light weight and ease of installation can reduce installation costs by as much as 50% over metal piping system.

5, Higher Flow Capacity: smooth interior walls result in lower pressure loss and higher volume than metal pipes.

6, Long Life: more than 50 years under normal conditions.

7, Recycled and Environment-friendly.

ppr pipe fittings female threaded coupling at a discount  top quality

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EN39 is a European standard, the standard number is EN39:2001. The standard formal name is: carbon steel pipe for scaffolding.
Q:Chicago Safety Advice.?
The OD of 1/4 pipe is 0.540 The ID for schedule 40 is 0.364 The ID for schedule 80 is 0.302 The dimensions of threaded pipe fittings vary depending of the material of construction and pressure rating as well as the standard to which the are manufacturered. Below are some examples of various fittings. Some meet NPT standards and others do not.
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Nope. No problem. You can get a Y fitting for above the trap similar to that for a dishwasher to make it easy. BUT - make sure your condensate pump has a back-flow preventer and that the drain hose is properly connected to the Y fitting. YIKES - on the Methane issue: a) Condensate pumps are 'indirect' connections by their nature. b) You must have a back-flow preventer valve in the system anyway, typically within the pump itself. c) Your DWV system is self-venting. The connection will be above-the-trap *NOT* below the trap. There is no potential for methane from within the plumbing system to get into the condensate drain line - or natural gas to get into the drain line. Neither from either direction. YIKES, again!

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