PPR PE Steel Cooper Plastic Composite Polyethylene Pipe Production Line

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PPR PE Steel Cooper Plastic Composite Polyethylene Pipe Production Line

The pipe has been reinforced by wrapping the high strength steel wire in the middle layer of the pipe, is used to reinforce pe pipe, which is highly cost saving and high quality, widely used in water supply,.suitable for conveying high pressure or combustible gas and liquid, heavy suction and delivery of liquid sludge, also mainly used in machinery, chemical industry, building ,irrigation and vacuum pump.

The pipes have the strong point of pressure and corrosion resistance and antistatic. It is used to convey the pressure or corrosive gas and liquid, vent impure liquid. It is widely used in such areas as mechanical engineering, chemical industry, architecture, agriculture irrigation, vacuum device and dust collector soft pipe.

Steel Plastic Composite Polyethylene Pipe Production Line

1. The extruder adopts bimetal barrel and screw which have high intensity and abrasive resistance, the output is two times higher than other ordinary machine.

2. The water cooling calibrating mandrel with special structure can assure the production with high speed and stability.

3. The ultra-long vacuum calibrating tank and cooling bath can fulfill the requirement of high speed production.

4. The completely automatic wire winding machine is equipped with frequency controller for running steadily.

5. The haul-off machine adopts independent servo drive system which can assure the belt running synchronously and steadily.

6. The cutting machine adopts hydraulic feed device with low knife impact force to assure the stability. The chipless cutting can make the section smooth and level.

7. The control system adopts BMC-TOUCH from B&R Austria to realize the completely automatic control. The control system adopts both touch screen and keyboard which make the operation convenient and reliable.

8. The machine is equipped with automatic sealing machine which can accomplish the sealing and edge rubbing at the same time.

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Q:How will the country deal with small renewable plastic processing enterprises,
Environmental protection recycling plant, this is a systematic project, the use of granulation machine is usually used granulator, need to be matched with waste water filtration, sedimentation, purification treatment pond, waste gas purification equipment.
Q:What kind of machine is needed for the production of plastic products?
Seventy thousand or eighty thousand an injection molding machine, a crushing machine, a drying machine forty thousand or fifty thousand, workshop, rent, labor, water and electricity to ten thousand months Duoliangwanyi, mold materials, another operator, of course cost large scale is low.
Q:What kind of equipment does the plastic bottle crush processing plant need?
Plastic bottle initial processing, with crusher or broken cleaning machine, sheet cleaning machine, dryer
Q:Process flow of plastic products (brief description) 5
Process flow of plastic products1. Preparation before moldingA, grain preheating and drying: if the grain is affected with damp, it should be dried;B, insert preheating: in order to reduce the gap between the cooling shrinkage value of metal and plastic, the larger metal insert should be preheated.C, barrel cleaning: when changing the product, changing the raw materials, cleaning cylinder is required.2, injection molding process feeding - plasticizing - injection - holding pressure - cooling - die opening piecesA, feeding: each feeding should be quantitative, in order to ensure uniform plasticization;B and plasticization: the grains are heated to a molten state in a barrel;C and injection: the injection molding machine uses a screw to inject molten plastic into the mold cavity;D, keep pressure: after the mold is finished, maintain the pressure for a certain time;E and cooling: keep cool for a certain time in the mold cavity;F, mold opening parts: mold open, take out the product.3, plastic parts after treatment: plastic parts after treatment:A, remove the fly edge, material handle.B, inspection and packing.
Q:What sewage treatment equipment should be used for waste plastics processing granules?
Waste water produced by processing plastic particlesFirst of all, determine the composition of sewage, and then according to the cost, floor space, water quantity, water quality, local effluent indicators, whether the effluent is used to determine the sewage process, and then use the equipmentYou said so simple, I think your sewage composition will not be too complicated, with integrated sewage equipmentA company can provide a three year warranty! Don't be cheap. Environmental protection will only get tighterAfter three months, the water is out of balance
Q:Is there a difference in melt index before and after processing?
If no additives are added during processing, the melt index is the same as that before processing.
Q:I want to open a small plastic particles processing factory,
First tip: recently this factory this year many, generally is personal, no business license. The government is becoming more and more strict in this area of management.There are many kinds of plastic waste, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, PET, of course, there are some engineering plastics. You first need to distinguish these simple categories. Of course, there are HDPE, PP to be submerged and floating, as well as color..... These are all things that need to be done before they are broken. Well sorted, broken, broken, some broken, cleaned, and some cleaned.
Q:I would like to open a plastic bag processing plant, the main ordinary convenience bags,
Where are you from? The equipment is not expensive, but more expensive raw materials and equipment for each estimated 7--8 million, and even cheaper, but a ton of raw 1W raw materials, better quality of raw materials produced, you can go inside mixed good material. You need someone who knows very well to help you master the mix. All in all, it's difficult. Some time ago I inspected, very difficult.
Q:How much is the general control of plastic products profit? Thank you
20%, the profit specification. Our plastic material only 20% gross profit, the finished product should be more than 20%.
Q:The difference between plastic parts design and mechanical design. Five
You send the amount of plastic parts should refer to the use of injection molding mold design, injection molding parts need to know the relevant knowledge of mold structure, mold design or you out of difficult processing, or even can be processed but need to increase the cost a lot of plastic design with rubbing wear and broken, less inclined to top. That will increase the cost of.

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