Plastic profile machine/PVC profile making machine/Profile making machine

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Plastic profile machine/PVC profile making machine/Profile making machine


pvc profile making machine   Capacity of main frame can ba optionally chosen from 60-700kgs/hour.  Plastic PVC windowsill board production line's haul-off unit has applied unique lift technique of our company. Plastic PVC windowsill board production line work is stable, Plastic PVC windowsill board production line reliability is good, Plastic PVC windowsill board production line pulling force is large.

 PVC Windowsill Profile machine consist of twin screw extruder, vacuum shaping table, drawing machine, plastic cutter and pilling frame, and also coordinated with different profile break-section and mould to produce PVC door and window profiles, foamed special shaped materials, decoration panel material, profile and multi-hole wire plastic products .

pvc profile making machine   Features:

pvc profile making machine  

1.Use for PVC door & window profile material, wide door plate, window plate, etc.

2.Accoding to different sectional surface and molds, with different extruder to guarantee the quality.

3.High capacity and stable working

4.Reasonable design, conduct cutting with fixed length, provided of powder and dust suction device.

5.Easy to control.

pvc profile making machine    technical parameter





Power of drive motor





Screw diameter





No.of screw




Rotational speed




Nm torsional moment of screw




Capacity PVC powder





Central height(mm)




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Q:What plastic products do you have and what's the use of it?
for doors and windows in the building industry, stair handrail the floor, brick, ceiling, insulation board, wallpaper, water pipe and pit pipe, decorative board and sanitary ware etc..
Q:What are the features of plastic injection gears and machined plastic gears?
Injection of better, smooth finish, smoothness can be done on the mold, the strength is also good. When machining, some of the transmission, the edge may be very difficult to process, very beautiful
Q:What kind of problems do we need to know about the new waste plastics recycling process?
Four major matters needing attention in investment of recycled plasticsPlastic recycling is a sunrise industry, the country, not only the effective utilization of resources and protect the environment, reduce the white pollution, from 2004 recycled plastics market, considerable benefits, as a new way of friends, is the author contact situation (editor's note), there are many aspects should be prepared in the first period, not to fight the battle without. The main problems are concentrated in the following aspects:1, blind follow-upAccording to the renewable materials market in 2004 prices, had been recycled most of the people have a better income, as for friends, in the test stage, on the surface has the advantages of simple process, low equipment investment, the product basically in short supply, technology content is not high, ordinary people can do at the same time, the raw material is us around the most familiar things, everywhere, everywhere can buy. Rough calculation, such as waste 2000 yuan can receive, the product can sell 4000 yuan, absolutely profitable.
Q:I'd like to open a small plastic bag processing factory and process plastic bags.
Equipment include: film blowing machine, bag machine, punching machine, printing machine, etc., to invest one hundred thousand up and down, but also need a few tons of raw materials as a turnover, and then start production, I do not know very well, just listen to someone else said...
Q:What is the function of adding filler in the processing of plastic products?
See what kind of filler you add, different products, different filler properties are not the same
Q:What are the requirements of customers for nylon plastic products?
Nylon engineering plastics products as the largest and most important varieties, has very strong vitality, mainly because it is modified to achieve high performance, followed by cars, electrical appliances, communications, electronics, machinery and other industries of high performance products are more strongly. The rapid development of related industries, promote high performance engineering the process of plastic, nylon future development trend are as follows.
Q:How can rubber products be machined?
The types of mechanical processing of plastic products, mainly cutting, punching, cutting, drilling, thread processing, laser processing, etc..
Q:I plant mainly produces plastic products,
Can be deducted from the value-added tax invoices on value-added tax deductible, in addition to the purchase of equipment costs, if there are qualified transport documents, you can also by freight * 7% deduction of input tax
Q:Environmental impact of foam plastics reprocessing
When people are exposed to vinyl chloride, there will be a wrist, finger edema, skin sclerosis and other symptoms may also occur splenomegaly and liver injury disease. In our country, the ultra-thin plastic bags we use almost all come from the reuse of waste plastics. They are produced by small businesses or family workshops. The raw materials used in these factories are waste plastic barrels, pots, disposable syringes, etc.. Production, first used machinery to crush the raw material of plastic particles, plastic particles and then placed in a pool cleaning (called disinfection), check out the sun, and then the mechanical pressure it film, made of a variety of plastic bags. Every meal, many people use plastic bags of food, they do not know this behavior, not only harmful to the environment, but also harm their own bodies.Make the soil environment worse, and seriously affect the growth of crops. The degradation time of plastic products used in China usually takes at least 200 years. Waste plastic, plastic bags in the field long residue in Tanaka, will affect the absorption of water and nutrient of crops, inhibit the growth and development of crops, resulting in crop production. If the animal eats plastic film, it can cause the digestive tract disease and even death of the livestock.
Q:Plastic parts, hardware processing, mechanical sheet metal manufacturing processing,
Management system certification is basically looking at the enterprise's own needs, nor is it mandatory, but if you are here, if useful in the car, you have to do TS certification

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