PE/PP/PVC Wood Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine

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Product Description:

PE/PP/PVC Wood Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine



Product Description




Material                                                     38CrMoAl superior alloy steel nitriding treatment

Screw dia.                                                  Φ51/105mm

Quantity                                                     2 pieces

Gearing type                                               conical gearing

Rotary speed                                               1-30r/min

Rotary direction                                          reverse direction outside

Depth of nitration                                       0.4-0.6mm

Hardness of nitriding                                   HV740-940

Roughness of surface                                   0.8µm



Material                                                     38CrMoAl superior alloy steel nitriding treatment

Depth of nitration                                       0.5-0.7mm

Hardness of nitriding                                   HV940-1100

Roughness of surface                                   0.8µm

Heating method                                          cast aluminium heater

Heating zones                                             4 zones

Heating power                                            8KW

Cooling method                                          by fan

Cooling power                                            3×250W


Transmission deceleration system

Main extruder driving motor                        15KW

Motor type                                                 AC motor

Motor speed adjusting type                           by transducer

Distribution gear box type                            rigid tooth surface gear grinding and bevel wheel combine


Fix quantity material supplying system

Material supplying method                           by screw

Screw rotary speed                                      0-45r/min

Motor power                                              0.75KW

Speed adjust method                                    by transducer


Exhaust system

Vacuum pump type                                     water cycle vacuum pump

Motor power                                              1.5KW

Vacuum degree                                           0-0.075MPa

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Q:Wire 70 extrusion machine before and after the transfer of the core will change what is the reason?
The nose is not accurate enough or wornOr the screws are not screwed in placeOr die inappropriate, too large
Q:How to choose the mould of the cable extruder? Ten
Depending on your specific specifications, if XLPE is insulated, extrusion die with small touch line, set on the use of cable diameter, large core conductor than a few tenths of good, if you like to use 70 square tube extruding mold insulation of the conductor element some is big 1 can be set according to the touch, the tensile ratio calculation, PVC1.6 DYWL material with smaller good-looking it is simple of the extrusion process
Q:Extrusion machine (ACS510 frequency converter + ordinary motor), low speed production current, how to solve?
The extruder is a constant torque load. The original configuration is usually a DC governor + DC motor. When using a DC motor, the current is usually constant during the speed rise.
Q:Why can the plastic extrusion machine extrude the flat bar?
What's the reason for pulling out the stripes?1, the vacuum is not enough.2, high temperature settings.3, formula lubrication is too much
Q:I have a twin screw extruder. It used to be a pinch plate.
If you want to change, it is best to find the original purchase of equipment manufacturers, so that they change for you.
Q:Equipment is the Changzhou sun extrusion machine,
Is that settled? This technology is not available online! No one wants to say free, need technical contact me!
Q:What is the principle of the 45 extruder machine?
The principle of the extruder is the theoretical process of heating, melting and mixing in the process of plastic conveying, including solid conveying principle, melt transportation principle, mixing principle, and solid bed crushing process, etc..
Q:Does anyone know the operating procedures for the cable 65+120 extruder?
What are the operating specifications for the extruder?One is the equipment instructionTwo is the boot operation specificationsThree is safety instructions and so onThe equipment manufacturer will provide the above
Q:Ask everyone about the extrusion machine at the wire factory...... How do you adjust the speed of the motor?
The outer diameter is big...... I've got the tractor switched 1600 and the engine is switched 1400Chasing the answerThe extruding worker sees the line, cannot see the speed meter, the speed meter sometimes is not allowedLarge diameter, you can reduce the speed of the main engine or speed up the traction, in addition, the maximum current of the host can not exceed 2 times the power rating of the motor, more than two times will burn the motor.AskI've finished pulling the button.
Q:Why do screw extruders often extrude light red plastic products?
You should have before the production of red raw material hopper or hopper and barrel, or between the screw shank and barrel etc. the raw material residue, not clean, often with extrusion part.

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