Supply Hot sale china PVC PPR PE plastic pipe production line(extrusion line/extruder machine/making machinery)

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Supply Hot sale china PVC PPR PE plastic pipe production line(extrusion line/extruder machine/making machinery)

This production line adopts unique design, seperated BM type high efficiency screw, high degree of automation, convenient operation, continuous production, it is stable and reliable. The production of plastic pipe, has the characteristic of heat resistance aging resistance environmental stress crack resistance,cracking resistance,creep resistance, is the first choice of product of inter-city gas pipeline.  
This product can also produce large-diameter PE water supply pipes, and the pipes is non-toxic, tasteless, no corrosion, anti-ageing, weatherability and so on many good characteristics, such as can be widely used in not more than 45 degrees of water supply pipe buried or surface, replacing zinc-plated steel, cast iron pipe, tube of cement ideal products.

Drawing upon profuse experience in this field, we have innovatively manufactured a number of state-of-the-art machines which enables our customers to pursue the most while keeping a possibly lowest cost. The Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line from FAR EAST(CHINA) can use a variety of polymers such as PE, PP, PVC to produce a broad range of plastic pipes with solid quality.

Main Configuration of large caliber Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Extruder/ Vacuum Shaping part/ Cooling part/ Haul-off Device/ Cutter/ Stirring-up Rack

 2014 Latest Low Waste PP/PE Large Caliber Plastic Pipe Production Line/PE Big Capacity Water Pipe Extruder Machine

Specification of typical single screw extrusion lines







Extrusion Capacity,






Diameter of Screw, mm





L/D Ratio of Screw





Extruder Heating Powe






Main Motor Power, kw





Pipe Diameter Range,






Total Power, kw





Size (L×W×H), m





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Q:Plastics are processed into raw materials. How much raw material and energy do we need to process a kilogram of plastic?
Is the necessary equipment for extrusion blow molding machine, you must first set up the company, production workshop, production equipment, testing equipment, inspection personnel and production licenses for the government, as the raw material is plastic particles, costs and profits can not be known, see you how to operate.
Q:What are the features of plastic injection gears and machined plastic gears?
Injection of better, smooth finish, smoothness can be done on the mold, the strength is also good. When machining, some of the transmission, the edge may be very difficult to process, very beautiful
Q:Is there a unit for processing plastic products in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan?
Ji'nan high tech Development Zone, Xin Ruichang machinery mold factory specialized in processing all kinds of plastic products, the company covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, hundreds of employees, the company has owned injection molding workshop, mold manufacturing workshop, foam tooling workshop, assembly workshop covers an area of 10000 acres, the company currently has 3300 tons, 1800 tons, 1300 tons, 1000 tons other large and small injection molding machine more than 20 Taiwan, a maximum of 30000 grams of plastic products production and processing,
Q:What kind of equipment does the groove on the PP plastic board work on?
It can be machined with a shaper or engraving machine
Q:Laizhou plastic processing plastic machinery and equipment, which is more reliable, relatively good?
you have this problem too vague, but also do not know you to play some bottom in figure what product, change a problem to try again
Q:What sewage treatment equipment should be used for waste plastics processing granules?
Don't be cheap. Environmental protection will only get tighterAfter three months, the water is out of balance
Q:What kind of machinery does it take to open a workshop type plastic product factory? How much is the investment?
Purchase injection molding machine can, investment an injection molding equipment needs more than ten thousand (generally needs at least two), also need a crusher, thousands of yuan. Mixing machine according to the selection of materials, it is estimated that thousands of yuan. The mold needs several sets, and the price is estimated at around 10 thousand. A small size of 2~3 is enough for 100 square meters. Under their own estimates, the investment!
Q:I want to open a small plastic particles processing factory,
First tip: recently this factory this year many, generally is personal, no business license. The government is becoming more and more strict in this area of management.There are many kinds of plastic waste, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, PET, of course, there are some engineering plastics. You first need to distinguish these simple categories. Of course, there are HDPE, PP to be submerged and floating, as well as color..... These are all things that need to be done before they are broken. Well sorted, broken, broken, some broken, cleaned, and some cleaned.
Q:Environmental impact of foam plastics reprocessing
Landfill operation is still one of the main methods for municipal solid waste treatment in our country. Because the plastic film of low density, large volume, it can quickly fill up space and reduce landfill site waste disposal capacity; and, after the landfill site because the ground is soft, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in the waste is easy to seep into the ground, groundwater pollution, endanger the surrounding environment.If the waste plastics are burned directly, it will cause serious two pollution to the environment. Plastics burn not only a great deal of black smoke, but also dioxin, the most toxic substance to date. Dioxins enter the soil for at least 15 months to decompose gradually. They can damage plants and crops. Dioxins can cause severe damage to the liver and brain of animals. The environmental pollution of dioxin emitted from waste incineration has become a very sensitive issue all over the world.
Q:What are the plastic products used in heavy trucks, and how do they form?
There are several forming methods commonly used. First, calendering calendering for thermoplastics. It is through Plasticating plastic, sent to several groups of parallel arrangement, reverse rotation of the heat roller, by repeatedly calendering products. Production of film or sheet. Two, casting casting use dry plastic. It is soluble in the solvent of plastic, due to weight andspread to continuous operation of the metal belt, become thin layer of uniform thickness, then heating apparatus soft volatile agent, curing products, production of film or sheet.

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