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1.Product Description:



    State Grid

    ISO 9001 standard
    Internation compliance

2. Application:


These cables are used for electricity supply in low voltage installation system, They are suitable for installation in indoors and outdoors, in cable ducts, under ground, in power and switching stations, local energy distributions, industrial plants, where there is no risk of mechanical damage. The lead sheath brings an enhanced resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons.

3.Specification Size and Technical Data:




Copper Core PVC Insulation Wire


Aluminum Core PVC Insulation Wire


Copper Core PVC Insulation Flexible Wire


Copper Core PVC Insulation PVC Sheath Round Wire


Copper Core PVC Insulation PVC Sheath Flat Wire


Aluminum Core PVC Insulation PVC Sheath Flat Wire


Copper Core Heat-resistance 105oC PVC Insulation


Code NameNominal conductor areaNumber of wiresNominal diameter of wireNominal thickness of insulationApprox.  Overall diameterMax. Conductor DC resistance at 20oC

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Q:can you use power cable as your ground cable on your amp?
Wire is wire. The only difference is the insulation color. The biggest problem in using wire with the same color insulation is that it's really easy to get them reversed. And just one fraction of a second of reversed polarity and the amp power supply (maybe other things too) is fried. If you insist on using the same color, you should slip a short piece of shrink wrap onto the end of the negative wire close to the terminal so it can be readily identified.
Q:Is it OK to run 1/0 gauge power cable along my speaker wire??
if its for a short distance it shouldnt, if its like the whole length of the car its possible
Q:A power cable has length 2000m. The cable is made of twelve parallel strands of copper wire each of diameter is 0.51mm, what is the resistance of cable?
Resistance (R) of a wire is given by: R = ρ.L / A where (ρ) is the resistivity of the wire in Ω.m ; (A) is the cross sectional area of the cable in m² ; (L) is the length of the wire in metres. Radius (r) of one strand = (0.51 / 2) = 0.255 mm = 0.000255 m Cross sectional area of one strand = πr² = (π * 0.000255²) = 2.0428 x 10^-7 m² Total cross section of cable = (12 * 2.0428 x 10^-7 m²) = 2.45 x 10^-6 m² R = (1.7 x 10^-8 * 2000 / 2.45 x 10^-6) = 13.87 = 14 Ω to 2 significant figures.
Q:looking for a UPS power cable?
You local should have the cable you need...
Q:Laptop not charging - Turns off when power cable isn't in?
there are a couple of things that could cause this. 1: You've twisted a wire in your adapter and it will only put out enough power to keep the computer alive. That happened to me once, actually. 2: Your battery is ruined. Heavy use or constantly having your laptop plugged in causes that. 3: Your battery driver is messed up. Little chance but still... If you feel it's number 3 then run a diagnostic test.
Q:My computer will not boot unless I unplug the power cable for several minutes and replug the power. Causes?
There okorder.com/... 2. You might not have adequate cooling. Get a program to monitor temperatures and if anything goes above 155˚F, you need a better cooling system. 3. You might need a new power supply, since the one you have might not be able to handle the load.
Q:What size amp and power cables do I need for my new subwoofer system?
holy okorder.com/ and we can discuss further if you like
Q:Which is better: continuously plug the power cable to my laptop or pull the plug out when it is full?seedetail?
Ok, straight to the point, keep it plugged. Besides losing the power over the time you have it unplugged, most laptops are equipped with a power saving feature that reduces it's power consumption. This means that the PC will have to use less for processing which in turn reduces your PC's speed. To check this out, try booting your Laptop with plug on. When you see the desktop, look for the my computer icon on the desktop or on the start menu. Right-click on it and select properties. Look for some number preceding Ghz and remember it. now, unplug the power cord from the laptop and restart the PC. do the same thing when you see the desktop after the restart. notice that the number you had the last time decreased. (if it did not decrease, then it means your laptop still operates at the same speed when unplugged and will be fine when unplugged) besides the speed reduction when unplugged, the screen will be dimmer when unplugged. also, when the batteries are full, they are not charging when the plug is still on the laptop. the laptop will use AC power when it knows that the batteries are full and it's plugged in.
Q:Does the ps4 and ps3 have the same power cable?
Yes it does Adding to that, you need a TV with an hdmi port Also, the power cable doesn#x27;t come with a brick like the Xbox one does
Q:Cable WDZ-YJFE2 (4X185 + 1X95) what does it mean
Bracket spacing of the general level of not more than 2m, vertical not more than 1.5m according to the number of cable the number of levels can be used 1.5m a vertical 1m a relatively insurance

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