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1)powder coated pipe
2)HDG with powder coating
3)3m-12m are available
4)Polyester powder painted >20um
5)Lower cost


1)Higher quality lower cost to win the competitive price

2)3 production lines to ensure short delivery time

3)OEM, ODM service

4)Skilled manufacturer, quality control and technical team

5)Warranty of quality: more than 15 years

Steps of production

Material preparation-flatting-cutting on the bias-bending-welding-repair and grinding-reforming-flushing-fix bottom plate-welding bottom plate-opening door-welding door strip, electric strip and locking-bending arm-hot dip galvanization-plastic powder painted-inspection-shipment

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Q:Could you tell me how to change the light cup?
This is a light bulb with a plug in Buy the same product directly and insert the original lamp holder
Q:How do you change the tungsten light bulb to an led bulb
If it is 12v, the leds that want to switch to 220v will remove the original transformer and direct it to the LED light bulb.
Q:Do you have a 12V for the E27 screw?
In accordance with the standards of IEC, E27 lamp holder only primary voltage is 110 v to 230 v, if use 12 v to the E27 lamp holder pressure drop will be bigger, that is to say on the filament voltage will be far less than 12 v. So, 12V is usually directly touched by a light bulb. Like you said MR16, G4, etc.
Q:Does the home use halogen lamps, and leds for use?
The voltage is the same, I bought it at PILI last time and I can use it at home
Q:Why use the orange light cup?
Simply put, can make the transition of spot of light spot more smooth, smooth, also can cover up a few bright spot defect that is on the surface of the light. In addition, compared to the same specification, the radian aperture cup does not increase the flare illumination (the same electroplating layer reflectivity depends on the specifications and radians).
Q:LED lights burn the halogen lamp transformer
LED light illuminates the light principle, energy conservation, environmental protection is much better than traditional illuminant lamps and lanterns. And the LED light has the perfect support for light and light
Q:Why does the lamp cup with a 24V LED turn hot?
General lamps and lanterns will produce heat at work, temperature is decided by the power size of lamps and lanterns. Don't worry, it's normal
Q:How does the domestic radio lamp change into other kinds of lamps and lanterns?
The lamp belongs to low pressure lamp, it is relatively easy to break, and the power consumption is larger, basically each is at about 35W.
Q:The lights in LED lights often have PAR16, PAR30 and AR111. How do they differ
It could be incandescent, halogen lamps, gold halogen lamps or leds. AR111 is the one we used to call the cow-gall lamp, one of the halogen lamps, the built-in aluminum reflection cup and the glare shield,
Q:Does the MR16 light cup (LED) do CE certification? Is there a need for this?
CE certification is a self declaration form of authentication, if you are sure of your lamp cup can got the CE certification, you can not do, if not sure, you can go to do the certification testing, peace of mind. If you do not export to European countries, you do not need to do CE certification, because CE certification is only the eu's safety certification. You can not rest assured your lamps and lanterns safe words to the local quality inspection of the light and light detection center to do a safety check to be ok.

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