Portable Power Bank-PB403

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103000 pc/month

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China (Mainland)
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Black/ White/Blue


1.The overcharge protection function.

2. Discharge while Charge

3. Best qulity battery

4. Capacity 1800 mA& above available

5. Customized Logo,Packing


7. Switch Button: 5V/1000mA±0.5%、5V/500mA± 0.5%

8. Flash Light Function

9. Short circuit protection

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Q:How to charge a flash capacitor bank?
A DC power supply that can deliver about 290 volts (NOT over 300 volts) will do that. A series power resistor based on the current output of the supply will limit the peak charging current to a safe value. For example, a voltage doubler from the 120 VAC line will deliver 330 volts DC. If you can find a transformer with a 200 volt 1 amp secondary, that will produce about 280 VDC. A 100 ohm power resistor in series will limit the current to 3 amps. Peak power in the resistor would be 1000 watts. Resistors in this capacity are very expensive. I'd try 3 120 volt 200 watt light bulbs in series instead. Under that setup, charge time will be: time constant is 100x10x0.16 160 seconds, and several time constants will get you charged up. EDIT, I'm taking your word on the caps size, and the above calculations reflect that. But I think they are actually 160µF, not 160mF. The latter would be much too large to fit in a cameral. Capacitor manufacturers tend to use m when they mean µ for some reason lost in history. In that case, the series resistor need only be a 500 ohm 50 watt unit and the charge time will be a few seconds. .
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You need to allow for the sun not to be shining all the time, so have enough battery backup to allow for this, depending on how much you will use the lamps. What voltage are the outdoor lamps? The best solution is to use car batteries and 12v bulbs, as these do not need an inverter (which do wear out). You can buy 12v CFL's quite easily. Then it's a matter of working out the load (wattage) of what you intend to run off the panels and buying about half as much again, to allow for the lack of sunlight, cloud cover etc.You'll also need a charge controller.
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Q:How do I stick a power bank to the back of my phone?
Buy a cheap phone case then glue it to the back of that. Use a strong plastic glue and a hard plastic (not silicone) case. That way you can remove it from the phone easily and it will be strong enough to resist everyday use.
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