Portable Power Bank-PB404

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China (Mainland)
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Black/ White/Blue


1.The overcharge protection function.

2. Discharge while Charge

3. Best qulity battery

4. Capacity 1800 mA& above available

5. Customized Logo,Packing


7. Switch Button: 5V/1000mA±0.5%、5V/500mA± 0.5%

8. Flash Light Function

9. Short circuit protection

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The only reason that a plant might use a capacitor Bank is for power factor correction. Power factor correction is very over rated. If a plant has a highly inductive load then Capacitors might allow the service to use smaller wire but wire is cheaper than capacitors.
Q:How can we crate an interracial army of the working class to seize power from the banks and oil companies?
The reason you have to ask this question is because you would not know what to do with the power once you had it.
Q:How to charge a flash capacitor bank?
A DC power supply that can deliver about 290 volts (NOT over 300 volts) will do that. A series power resistor based on the current output of the supply will limit the peak charging current to a safe value. For example, a voltage doubler from the 120 VAC line will deliver 330 volts DC. If you can find a transformer with a 200 volt 1 amp secondary, that will produce about 280 VDC. A 100 ohm power resistor in series will limit the current to 3 amps. Peak power in the resistor would be 1000 watts. Resistors in this capacity are very expensive. I'd try 3 120 volt 200 watt light bulbs in series instead. Under that setup, charge time will be: time constant is 100x10x0.16 160 seconds, and several time constants will get you charged up. EDIT, I'm taking your word on the caps size, and the above calculations reflect that. But I think they are actually 160µF, not 160mF. The latter would be much too large to fit in a cameral. Capacitor manufacturers tend to use m when they mean µ for some reason lost in history. In that case, the series resistor need only be a 500 ohm 50 watt unit and the charge time will be a few seconds. .
Q:i want know example of capacitive load and why we dont have inductive bank in industry?
There aren't too many capacitive loads. The classic one is a synchronous motor that is 'overexcited,' meaning that it has lots of current through its rotor windings. Most loads are inductive, as are the wires and transformers that supply them. That's why we generally add capacitance instead of inductance to an industrial load. Make sure you have the concept of power factor correct: it sounds like you've reversed something in your thinking.
Q:How Is The Federal Reserve Bank Good For The Average American?
I've need heard of a NON FOR PROFIT private corporation. The Federal Reserve is by all means an extension of capitalism, since when people demand debt then debt is sold. I would support getting rid of anything that is an extension of capitalism. There is $14 trillion of money circulation. I would gladly contract the money supply and let people see what real capitalism is; based on artificial scarcities and having elites control the money supply. If you abolished fractional reserve banking, that means the $93 trillion of us assets circulating aroun the world will become virtually worthless and we will enter a depression. I guess that's great though, because once we get out of the depression, at least we will have state banks controlling the $300 billion of gold that will be in circulation, and at least the government can't represent the interests of the working class.
Q:Investment Banking entry-level?
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Q:Does using your phone while it's charging use a lot of power?
Depends on what all your doing. If internet going and texting at same time it seems too. If doing just one at time then not so much
Q:What are the advantages of mobile power?
3, light weight: the weight of polymer batteries than the same capacity specifications of the steel shell light 40% lighter, lighter than the aluminum battery 20%.
Q:Any Reccomendations or Reviews about investing with Bank of America's guarenteed Apr increase program?
Bank of America? Didn't the government bail them out? Read the fine print carefully, the Feds are running that bank. Grandpa
Q:Running a window unit AC from a battery bank?
One concern you're dealing with is that something with a motor is going to have induction skill desires, which choose for an outstanding form of greater desirable amps to get them going, so which you will choose for greater desirable skill and amps to kick the unit on. For that, i does not enable the unit cycle simply by fact the kick-on's could extremely devour battery quicker. 2nd concern is that changing electrical energy to chemical battery skill is a loss of skill, to not point out the conversion from DC to AC. The conversion fee is around 80 5%, so which you lose approximately 15% except you spend precise dollar on the kit to get you closer to ninety 5%. All batteries additionally be afflicted by some style of deterioration effect so which you're able to save them consistently charged to maintain them waiting, which if for common skill outages could be a sturdy theory, if for exciting style of high priced.

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