Polishing pads-It mainly applies to the polishing of marble and granite

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It is durable and efficient and is able to make the surface of stones bright after the polishing, and it can also fill up alveolus of the surface,and form the transparent organic film. It mainlu applies to the polishing of granite and marble. It has the feature of high speed, high degree of  finish,and long life performance.


Polishing  pads-It mainly applies to the polishing of marble and granite

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A3: We have established an advanced quality management system which conducts strict quality tests at every step, from raw materials to the final product. At the same time, we provide extensive follow-up service assurances as required.


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Q:How to repair the glaze of hand washing basin?
Repair principle of luster glaze repair agent is heat and high temperature ceramic tile repair agent produced by the rotating polishing pad friction small hand-held polishing machine of the above reaction, formation of crystal glaze layer, fill tile micro holes and scratches, because each paint polishing time, glazed bright will thicken a little, so repeated several times to apply polishing several glazed tile surface, slight damage, scratches can restore new brick bright luster, a hard wearing bright surface gloss can reach more than 85 degrees, and tile repair agent glaze layer bright surface and the tiles are combined firmly resisting water scrubbing, using a tile repair agent will keep the bright luster and as high-grade tiles.
Q:Floor tile has not been wiped for a long time, some places can not be wiped, what kind of method should be used?
Stone products are recommended, such as concentrated concentrated detergents, with a pH of around 10.5. These products break down the organic contamination of the stone surface and remove the surface protectant. If necessary, the cleaning agent can be mixed with the cleaning powder to prolong the reaction time of the compound and to adsorb the stain into the paste. Before using the compound, test small areas, such as the corner, and ensure that the stone surface is not covered with dark flower marks. Removal of minor scratches is relatively simple, with a lot of polishing powder on sale. However, when polishing powder is used, most of them need to be used in conjunction with a polishing machine or a single eraser.
Q:How to clean wooden floors best? With what brand of wax maintenance is more convenient?
When using a wet cloth for cleaning, remember that humidity is not too large to prevent moisture from hiding in the crevice and to increase the humidity of the wood floor.5., there are places where the sun shines, as far as possible to avoid exposure, with long exposure time, so as to avoid overheating or accelerated oxidation reaction. The fan is the heater, and the heater that is placed directly on the ground kills the wooden floor. Remember to use it less or at the right distance.6. high humidity in the rainy season, it is best to open the air conditioner dehumidifier, dehumidifier, to control air humidity. Of course, can also be the desiccant to now.7., relatively dry season, it is best to increase the humidity, the simplest way is to put a pot of water in the corner, this practice in many supermarkets, jewelry stores, that is to do, of course, there is a reason for it. Or buy a humidifier, open, the air humidity increases, so as to maintain the moisture of the air, so as not to cause the wooden floor when breathing too dry and cracking. It is normal to keep the relative humidity between 40% and 70%.
Q:How to repair ceramic tile cracks?
The nano polishing pad pressure in polishing equipment, running machine, 20 inch polishing machine with 100 rotary grinding, polishing machine with around 2000 to start grinding 2-3 minutes to feel resistance 20 inch machine speed to 250 rpm rapid grinding to dry, hand-held polishing machine is accelerated to 5000 to reduce the pressure for grinding, dry polishing polishing, check whether there are cracks, if there is repeated several times until the final elimination of scratches, to the left around the glare.
Q:How do you remove the dirt from the plastic floor?
Glue or chewing gum: apply a strong glue removing agent directly to a towel to remove it. Cleaning agent: water-based degreasing agent, spray cleaning, maintenance wax strong black offset removing agent, in addition to adhesive strength.
Q:What is sealing curing steel flooring? Toughened floor craft?
Sealing curing steel floor construction drawing1. the surface is clean, remove dirt, oil is not conducive to bonding material; if the old base too much needed to fill potholes; according to construction area measurement high penetration seal curing agent.2. high permeable seal curing agent evenly on the ground, the free flow of penetration, while the available light scraping trowel ground uniform permeability; while the surface infiltration reaction becomes sliding thick, high permeability seal curing agent to osmotic reaction with mist moist sticky surface.3., to observe the degree of compaction and penetration of the base surface, brushing three above the surface of the high permeability sealing curing agent.4. after the basic surface permeability reaction is complete (surface moisture is not completely dry better), the use of professional cleaning of the ground machine, to clean the surface and remove excess materials.
Q:What material does sapphire Polish use?
Comparison of polishing effect:When polishing the C- flat sapphire substrate, the polishing properties (removal rate and surface quality) of the polishing fluid made from a- alumina polishing powder (VK-L30F, 0.3um) are better than those of other abrasives,The details are as follows:1) the formed hydration layer is increased, and during the polishing process, a hydrated layer is continuously formed on the sapphire substrate, which is more soft than the base layer, and the formation of the layer is favorable for the removal of the material and produces a high quality surface.2) surface quality improvement, a- alumina and substrate sapphire hardness, therefore, the possibility of abrasive scratch sapphire is very small.3) the removal rate increased, a- experienced alumina abrasive surface water and substrate sapphire, in chemical mechanical interactions between the basal layer of the gem and abrasive water accelerated material removal, surface when the abrasive and polishing pressure in the sapphire substrate by together and shear, mutual adhesion, shear will be further the tear particle bonding hydration layer through the particle, the front edge of the promotion of material removal. The surface roughness can be less than 0.2nm.4) alumina polishing solution stability in the circulation process better, silica polishing liquid in the process of using temperature must be strictly controlled to prevent caking, but alumina grinding fluid is relatively stable, but also showed good cleanliness.Experiment 1: polishing the sapphire substrate with alumina polishing powder, the polishing effect is the best when the pH of the polishing liquid is 10, and the surface roughness RMS is up to 0.2nm. The polishing pressure is better at 0. 12Mpa to 0. 15Mpa, and the concentration of polishing liquid is 10%. The higher the concentration, the faster the polishing rate.
Q:Tile above some scale, how to clean up?
Tea stains, fruit stains, coffee stains and other leather India sauce vinegar, diluted by sodium hypochlorite (bleach), when used for 20 - 30 minutes after the wipe with a cloth; some into brick longer stains, soak time for several hours.
Q:Why polishing pad first wear the middle, how to better repair polishing pad?
There is no way to change it directly, because you put the product in the middle of the polishing pad, so the casual polishing time is longer, wear more harm, and in the end, the product will not be able to throw out
Q:How to remove marble ash stains on tile?
1, if you are using good quality tiles, as long as the use of a shovel blade, with a damp cloth to wipe off the very.2, if the use of poor quality tiles, (impermeable) get cement paste, after wiping printed.

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