Plastic Coated Irrigation Water Pipe Hose for Agriculture Greenhouse

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The advantages of Plastic Coated Irrigation Water Pipe Hose  for Agriculture Greenhouse

The PVC tubes have both advantages of HDPE pipes and UPVC pipes which are easy to be installed and maintained. And the PVC tubes’ price is lower than HDPE pipes. So it has greater future than UPVC, HDPE pipes. 


Application of Plastic Coated Irrigation Water Pipe Hose  for Agriculture Greenhouse

Indoor water supply system for civil and industrial constructions                          

Underground water supply system for community and factories       

Urban water supply piping system

Water pipeline system in water treatment plants

Marine culture, garden irrigation and agricultural irrigation

Drilling engineering and other industrial tubes


Description of Plastic Coated Irrigation Water Pipe Hose  for Agriculture Greenhouse

PVC tubes are PVC resins through plastic extruder and molding plasticize and form.

It has a lot of advantages like light weight, long length, small resistance of water transportation,  corrosion resistance, better aging resistance, and convenient construction and so on.

It has been widely used in the projects of low–pressure conveyance of water irrigation technology.

The product has great advantages in energy-saving, environmental protection, economic and practical aspects and is the replacement for the traditional material.


Plastic Coated Irrigation Water Pipe Hose  for Agriculture Greenhouse

Plastic Coated Irrigation Water Pipe Hose  for Agriculture Greenhouse

The specification of Plastic Coated Irrigation Water Pipe Hose  for Agriculture Greenhouse

Plastic Coated Irrigation Water Pipe Hose  for Agriculture Greenhouse


1.What kind of products do we produce?

    The main productions of company are dripping irrigation tubes, sprinkling irrigation equipments,filter, fertilizing system, pipe fitting, tubes, and developments of new technology.

     And meanwhile the company can provide customer the technology consultation and service for integratedwater and fertilizer solution.

2.which kind of certificate we have ?

     ISO9000 certification is company’s management foundation. The all indicators of productions reached national standard after detecting by Ministry Water Resources Irrigation and Drainage Center and the company obtained the irrigation level II qualification.

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Q:Where can i get one of these plastic tubes?
Those plastic tubes are actually called PVC pipe. Any hardware or lumber store sells it. Most will also cut it to order for you. It's not costly at all. Figure out how many and what length you need before going to the store, of course. Even though it is primarily white to start with, you may also need to buy opaque white spray paint to use on it; sometimes it has markings on it that don't come off. See what the shop clerks there recommend.
Q:Where can you buy Test Tube Shots (plastic)?
Q:How can I remove PLASTIC earring backs TUBES that have hardened on?
omg i had this exact same thing happen to me a few weeks ago it took my boyfriend and i forever to get them off... i really dont know the best way to get them off but the way i did it was i sat there and wiggled them back and forth until they finally wiggled down far enough to get pulled off. i know this will be hard to do with a child so i hope someone on here has a better solution to this.
Q:Plastic Tubes/Lines Under 03' Volkswagen Jetta GLI. What are they?
Ok, There are three lines one black white and green! Two are fuel lines one is fuel feed line and the other is return line to the tank! The other is a vent line or evap line! So I would check them out very closely for damage! If you look under your hood to the right of the coolant bottle are said lines you can follow each one ond see where it goes and what it goes to! Hope this helps.
Q:What is the plastic pipe joint of water supply pipe?
You need to turn the elbow joint, need to connect a pipe to the hoop, if need to thin thick pipe requires connection or reducing the hoop, if you want to separate the two pipes to three, if you want to connect to connect pipe can rotate joint.
Q:What type of plastic are lip balm tubes made of?
plastic like recycle
Q:Plastic tube in sink pipe?
the word here that is of importance iseverything. Obviously the plastic tube is an integral part of the assembly. It is not there to look pretty. So, it must be a collar (like a choker) that fits very tightly on one piece and under another. The screw nut then squeezes the outer one. It is like taking your hand and putting it in a glove and then putting that gloved hand in a woodchipper
Q:vacuum cleaner plastic hose and steel extension tube are stuck.?
the cooking oil is a great idea. also sometimes some of them need twisting
Q:C-PAP mask and tubing........smell like plastic......?
You could of course have an allergy to the product, hence the ill feeling when using it. You shouldn't feel that way. Check your manufacturer's manual -- most can be found online if you don't have it -- and see what products you can use to clean it. I use Dawn dishwashing detergent (prefer the green, not the kind with added fragrances or bleach). Soak it a few minutes, rinse, then soak in cold water with a bit of baking soda dissolved. Rinse again. That should get rid of the smell, but don't do it unless the manufacturer approves. Those parts are expensive, and you don't want to completely ruin one. On another note, is the ill feeling from the smell, or perhaps from the force of the air to be inhaled? Perhaps the settings need to be fine-tuned? Don't hesitate to contact the prescribing doctor if you still have questions.
Q:how much fence privacy plastic tubing needed?
Each box covers 40 sq ft. 4ft X 10ft = 40 sq ft so you will need 1 box.

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