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Polyethylene cable compound

I.BT-0801 is one kind of the MDPE cable compound with the advantages of both HDPE and LDPE, it can be used to manufacture the sheath of the optical cable and cable. The product with the good resistivity can be used in the aerial cable insulation and the occasions of the high sheath strength and wear resistance, or the outer sheath of the ultra high power cable .

II.BT-0802 is one kind of the HDPE cable compound with the excellent weather resistance toughness, wear resistance and environmental stress crack resistance, it can be used to manufacture the sheath of the optical cable and cable or the occasion of the high performance requirments for the resistance and environmental stress crack resistance  .

III.BT-0803 is one kind of LLDPE cable compound with the excellent weather resistance ,wear resistance , environmental stress crack resistamce and electrical property and the excellent extruding performance result in the good surface. It can be used to manufacture the outer sheath of the power cable , control cable ,cable ,telephone cable and signal cable ,ect.

IV.BT-0805 is a high tension resistance of radiation crosslinking PE insulation cable compound with  the excellent mechanical property,processing property ,electrical property, high tension resistance and high insulation. Widely used in all kinds of occasions of high tension resistance and high insulation. Such as the color TV high tension line .

V.BT-0808 is a skeleton cable compound for the optical cable made from the special formula . This product has the high size stability ,smooth surface effect ,low shrinkage performance and aslo has the very good processing and mechancial properties. Professional for skeleton cable compound of sotted core cable.




Typical value









Specific gravity







Melting Index

G/10 min






Tensileness strength at break







Elongation at break







Brittle temperature(-70℃)














             200 ℃oxidative induction period







Dielectric strength







Volume resistivity at 20 ℃




3.2 X1014

2.3 X1014

4.5 X1014

Dielectric Constant







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Q:Where to buy welding cable / DC POWER CABLE 50mm color blue?
You can buy it from
Q:What power cable can I use for Fender FM15 DSP Amp?
Looks OK for the price.
Q:IC-2 cable from Power Acoustik?
no offence but its a rip. go to walmart and buy an AUX cable they are 8 bucks and they will fit ipods phones and all that good stuff.
Q:Will other power cables work with my PS3?
some PS3s have usual means furnish. to comprehend which one you have you are able to desire to open it. in case you do no longer prefer to open it (and void the guaranty) - use means converter. notice: for PS3 you will prefer a minimum of four hundred Watt. As for means cable itself - relies upon on the socket on your means converter.
Q:How do you run a power cable for an amplifier from the battery to boot in a Honda Accord '56 reg.?
Probably not easy but if ya find the hole in the firewall underneath ya dash somewhere than just poke it through there and run it underneath ya carpet. After that u'll just be able to find ya way into the boot with no problem. I like running the power cable down the centre of the car but that can sometimes be more of a hassle than its worth, so along the side of ur seat is cool.
Q:Where does this cable go?
That's the power cable, you'll have to look on the turntable it's self to see what the voltage is. Maybe some were standard 110 volt (220 in Europe), but usually they are lower, something like 24 volts or 48 volts. Those were pretty common in the 1980s when complete component stereos were commonly sold much like 'Home Theater Speakers In A Box' are today. The amplifier plugged into the wall everything else like the cassette deck, radio tuner turntable plugged into the back of the amp using those low voltage cables. There were some advantages to this system. The obvious ones being you only had one 110 volt electric cord you could turn on the stereo with the touch of one button. But it also made the system use less of your home's electrical power. Since the only component that needs a lot of power is the amplifier, you could use lower voltage transformers for the other components. Which I suspect are smaller, run cooler, or both. They might even have less noise interference than 110 volt transformers. (Perhaps someone who knows how electronics circuits work can enlighten us on what the actual advantages are.) I also suspect it saved on the cost of building the stereo systems. If the turntable uses 110 volts, it should be pretty easy to have someone convert the turntable to have a standard power cord on it. If the turnable uses a lower voltage, it probably wouldn't be cost efficient enough to make the conversion unless you knew enough about electronics to do it yourself. And you may want to look for the amplifier or receiver that the turntable is compatible with, on OKorder or Craig's List.
Q:Can the power lines in your house interfere with a LAN cable if placed together?
If putting them near power lines, ALWAYS get the shielded cables. Like Wikipedia says: Shielded cables are useful for environments where proximity to power cables, RF equipment, or high power equipment may introduce crosstalk, and can also be used where interference with radio receivers or where eavesdropping likelihood should be minimised.
Q:Video card power cable help!?
After looking at several 8800GTS's online, I don't see any that require two PCIe six pin plugs. This means I think your talking about the 4 pin molex adapter to be used by those that lack a 6 pin PCIe plug. Because this is a powerful card and it can't get enough electrical power to run from the socket, it needs more juice, and it gets it from the 6 pin PCIe power plug found on newer PSUs. For people that don't have that, many places include an adapter that you can use. If you don't have enough open/free molex plugs however, I question whether or not your PSU has enough power to feed the 8800GTS. What PSU do you have? How many Amps are on the 12V rail? Open your case up and see if you can read the sticker that should be on all power supplies. If you don't have enough open plugs, I would NOT use a splitter. Splitters can be used to hook up several low power devices (like fans) not high power devices like video cards.
Q:I am planning to buy a unit inside a condo which is near the power cable line. Is this safe?
I grew up in Scarborough, this isn't any longer that undesirable! yet Kennedy Station is unquestionably no longer one among its' highlights. I observed a guy get stabbed there as quickly as. attempt to no longer stay very close to a station if obtainable. Meadowvale and Ellesmere is quite super, I lived there and this isn't any longer impossible to get to Kennedy or different public shipping. North York is greater advantageous.
Q:Do ferrite beads on audio leads and power cables do anything meaning full?
Couldn't find a quantitative discussion of how effective they are, but according to this wikipedia article they are needed for a device to obtain FCC class B certification.

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