PAC HV-CMC,LV-CMC For Drilling Fluid Fresh Water HV2

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8000 m.t./month

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Oil Drilling Grade PAC&CMC

 PAC&CMC can be used in drilling fluid, fixing fluid and fracturing fluid. In drilling fluid, it works as viscosifier, filtration reducer, and rheology controller; in fixing fluid, it is used to control fluid viscosity, suspend heavy objects, and avoid fluid loss; in fracturing fluid, it is used to carry stuffing and avoid fluid loss.

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Q:Chicken powder is not a food additive
Q:The state expressly prohibits the addition of food additives
The state expressly prohibits the addition of food in the food can not be called food additives, and is generally referred to as illegal additives. Our country's Ministry of Health has repeatedly published in the food may be illegal to add non-food blacklist, there are hanging white block, Sudan red, Wang Jinhuang, melamine, borax, sodium thiocyanate, rose red B, art green, White, acid orange, formaldehyde, industrial caustic soda, carbon monoxide, sodium sulfide, industrial sulfur, industrial dyes, poppy shell, leather hydrolyzate, potassium bromate, benzoyl peroxide, dimethyl fumarate, waste oil, mineral oil , Industrial gelatin, industrial alcohol, dichlorvos, hair water, industrial acetic acid, sorbic acid, copper sulfate, nitrofurans, clenbuterol, sedatives, industrial magnesium chloride, chloramphenicol, water glass, malachite green, Care products, sodium pentachlorophenolate, alkaline yellow, trichlorfon, olaquindox and so on. In addition, the use of food additives and over-range is also illegal.
Q:How to sell fuel additives
Fuel additives, the role of fuel additives 1, improve the combustion efficiency, fuel economy, reduce exhaust emissions; 2, cleaning the nozzle of sediment, to keep the oil flow to ensure the normal power output of the engine; 3, clear the intake valve carbon deposition, 4, can keep the engine clean and in the best working condition, reduce vehicle maintenance costs, extend the life of the engine to reduce the exhaust emissions of environmental pollution.
Q:Pig feed additive formula
Significantly improve the lean meat rate, fat-free lean meat growth rate increased by 33%, improve the pig meat carcass lean meat rate and eye muscle area, improve the slaughter rate, significantly improved pig appearance, back wide back ditch deep, abdomen flat, Muscular, leg fullness.
Q:Can a concrete additive be added at the same time?
This product can be widely used in waterproof, leakproof, impermeable, moisture, corrosion of cement concrete building base: 1, soil structures. Such as foundation floor, kitchen, bathroom, wall, basement, large (interchange) bridge and piers, road pavement, air defense tunnel, airport runway, water tower (pool), savings (tank) container, tunnel culvert and other waterproof works Or external seal waterproof and anti-leakage. 2, cement mortar plaster layer. Such as masonry, masonry, prefabricated concrete components (plate) roof and other rigid cement mortar plaster layer of the waterproof, anti-leakage.
Q:Pig blood processing into blood tofu with which food additives are not fragile
Add point days hi company out of the pig blood tofu coagulant, QS card pig tofu coagulant in full accordance with the "food additives using standard GB2760-2017" from the preparation of the law, safe and legitimate, without any harm.
Q:Are there any additives in perfection?
Perfect product is through the relevant state quality inspection departments have been seized, there will be no harm to the human body, and our company to obtain these certification, you can go to the relevant departments to query, certification is very important, but the conscience of the certification More important
Q:China Food Additives Conference Time
Name: 2008 Eighth National Autumn Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition Venue: Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center (28 Shuncheng Road, Jinan City) Time: November 5-7, 2008
Q:how good is prolong oil additives?
They're allsnake oil" fixes. Oil additives promise great things, and one or two may actually improve lubrication, but in the long run they're a waste of money unless you're running the car on a race track all the time. I have over 170k miles on my car with nothing but regular old 10w30 motor oil (non-synthetic). I don't use or recommend oil additives to anyone, especially if they advertise on TV infomercials.
Q:Do automotive oil additives really protect your engine?
never ever put an additive in a new car. I dont suggest any additives until at least 45 to 50 thousand miles. On todays cars, 60 to 70 thousand miles. Stp is just an oil honey. It makes the viscosity thicker so it clings longer than oil by itself would. I found stp tohold" dirt. Lucas seems to be the best treatment I have found for high mileage motors, especially ones with weak oil pressure from poor main bearings. It does a nice job of creating abuffer" inbetween the bearings and is formulated to keep it clean. Alot of additives areparaffin" based, Thats right, WAX! those are the ones to stay away from. Penzoil and a couple other motor oils used to be pariffin based oils. Slick 50. It says in the pamplet that comes with it in the box, do NOT put in a new car. It will not let the rings seat. Only for high mileage motors. amazing what one learns by reading! But I am a beleiver in that product in this respect. I had an Olds 88 with a 4.3. 126 thousand miles on it. Used slick 50 in it since it had 100 thousand miles. It seemed to make the motor run cooler. Major sale point for me was it was 3 in the morning and I was in Galesburg Illinois. The oil sending unit blew. All the oil blew out onto the underside of the hood and firewall. I had no oil. I just said the hell with it and drive it. I drove that car into my driveway in Peoria Illinois and shut it off. The lifters just started to make noise a few blocks from my house. In the morning, I put a new sender and fresh oil and drove that car another 32 thousand miles and sold it with 158 thousand miles on it! The lifter noise went away within 10 minutes of running it with oil when that happend. So I have to beleive in slick 50. Whatever that polymer is in it, clings like crazy and actually worked for me. I own 2 shops now and recommend that product on all cars with over 100 thousand miles. I recommend Lucas for all cars with low oil pressure that people dont have the money to repair correctly

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