Never Run Prestressed Corrugated Pipe Bridge

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      Prestressed plastic corrugated pipe is HDPE as raw materials, is a new type of pore forming material. Important application in the post-tensioned prestressed concrete structure, the rod into the hole, has good sealing, no water seepage leakage OARS, high ring stiffness, low friction parameters, ageing resistance, good electrical erosion resistance and soft stretch, not easy to be tamper demolition is linked with the new connection way makes the construction more convenient. As porous materials by corruption, the blade body is prestressed steel in prestressed concrete structures at last a protective barrier.

As a hole material damage, slurry is at the bottom of prestressing steel in prestressed concrete structures a protective barrier. Plastic corrugated pipe is a new type of pore forming material, compared with metal corrugated pipe, it has the following advantages:

A, prestressed plastic corrugated pipe raw material is HDPE. Its corrosion resistance is much better than the metal, not afraid of acid, alkali corrosion, it is not corrosion, can effectively protect of the prestressed steel from corrosion. A lot of prestressed structure under the serious influence, such as deicing salt or salt water. When after component due to the collapse of the waterproof layer, micro fissure water and drainage facilities of blocking or fails, prestressed reinforcement will likely from corrosion. "In the FIP construction guide (1990) of the prestressed reinforcement grouting" pointed out that metal tube no permanent anti-corrosion ability, enough to resist water leakage and reach the slurry and the prestressed reinforcement. Prestressed plastic bellows for prestressed concrete to provide a is much better than the metal corrugated pipe barrier protection, can prevent the pollution of harmful substances through the pipe, thus ensure the post-tensioned prestressed structure has better durability;

Prestressed plastic wave tube 2, under the same conditions, the friction coefficient of the reserved channel is lower than the metal corrugated pipe friction coefficient of the reserved channel, reduce the friction loss in the process of tensioning prestress. In general, plastic corrugated pipe friction coefficient is 0.14, the 0.25 and the friction coefficient of metal corrugated pipe, Prestressed high strength plastic corrugated pipe, not afraid of pressing, not easy to be broken vibrating hold chisel, the sealing performance and leakage resistance higher than metal corrugated pipe, more suitable for the vacuum grouting;

Three, prestressed plastic corrugated pipe is not conductive, can prevent stray current corrosion, and the metals are good conductors of electricity;

Four, prestressed plastic corrugated pipe has better performance of hardships and stand hard work, can greatly improve the fatigue resistance of components.

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