Mobile Crane Newist Hightech with High Speed XCMG QY50K-II

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5 unit/month
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  Product Name: Tower Crane

  Usage: transportatiion





Overall length



Overall width



Overall height




Total weight in travel



Front axle load



Rear axle load




Engine model

SC8DK280Q3 / WD615.329(domestic III)

Engine rated power


206/2200   213/2200

Engine rated torque


1112/1400  1160/1400


Max. travel speed



Min. turning diameter



Min. ground clearance



Approach angle



Departure angle



Max. grade ability



Fuel consumption for 100km



Main performance

Max. rated total lifting capacity



Min. rated working radius



Turning radius at turntable tail



Max. lifting torque



Base boom



Fully extended boom



Fully extended boom+jib



Longitudinal outrigger span



Lateral outrigger span



Working speed

Boom luffing time



Boom full extension time



Max. swing speed



Max. speed of main winch (single rope)



Max. speed of aux. winch (single rope)





1. high and realiable performance
2. perfect after sales service
3. short delivery time

We are constantly devoting ourselves to the development of the new mobile cranes by applying the latest techniques.

 The new mobile crane will have strong functions and be more adaptive to the customers. QY25K truck crane was developed by our company in 2000. Through constant upgrade, the travel and working performance are greatly improved.

The chassis is three-axle which has strong power and cross-country capacity.

Themobile crane's  jib is optimized octagon section, which has excellent lifting capacity. The control system adopts hydraulic proportional (mechanical) control technique




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