Mica Roll for High Temperature Indurstry Field

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Product Description:


Product Description:


High tensile strength;

Stable quality
Cost-efficient price.

Mica Paper is the continuous reeled paper made from high quality muscovite, phlogopite and synthetic mica with mechanical pulp methods.

The production process: reduce the mica scrap to powder, make paper,  cut to the demand size and roll paper to finished products.


Outstanding Character:

1. Excellent insulating property.

2. High Tensile Strength.

3. Good resin penetration and air permeability.

4. Homogeneous distribution of granularity and structure.

5. Widely used in make Mica Plate, Mica Tape and etc.



Width: 960-1050mm

Thickness: 0.04-0.15mm


TypeWeight g/m2Thickness mmPenetration time  s(≤)Dielectric strength  KV/mm(≥)Tensile strength N/cm(≥)Loss due to heating at 500°C %(≤)Conductivity of aqueous extract  µs/cm(≤)Temp. Resistant °C(≥)


Packing: Wrapped up with PE film and fixed in wooden case.


insulation flexible mica paper roll

insulation flexible mica paper roll

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Q:What is the thermal aging and electrical aging of insulating materials?
Electrical aging more common in high-voltage electrical appliances, the main mechanism is the occurrence of partial discharge of insulating material under high pressure, resulting in strong oxidant ozone. Ozone is easy to cause ozone cracking of the material. Partial discharge will produce nitrogen oxides, which combine with the moisture to produce nitric acid, corrosion of insulating materials; partial discharge of high-speed charged particles bombardment of insulating material molecules, will promote its ionization, fission and damage; in addition to local discharge will make dielectric loss Increased, local heat of the material, resulting in heat aging.
Q:What is the insulating material in the middle of the connecting wire?
The original wire is insulated paint, you often use, you can also use quick-drying insulating paint.
Q:What insulating material is best `?
Insulation materials, also known as insulation materials. Insulation material refers to the electrical insulation material, the conductivity of about 10-10 West / m below. According to the needs of different electrical products, but also from the storage Can, heat, cooling, arc, moisture, mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation, mechanical support and fixed, protective conductor and so on.
Q:What insulating materials are used for transformers
Dry type transformers before the 1960s are mainly B-type insulation of the open-type dry-type transformers, product model for the SG type. When there is no foil coil, the low pressure for the majority of multi-root and around the layer or spiral coil, high pressure for the pie coil. Wire for the double glass envelope or single glass fiber package enamel enameled wire. The rest of the insulating material is mostly phenolic glass fiber materials. The impregnation process for the room temperature, atmospheric pressure with B-class insulation impregnated paint were high and low pressure coil impregnation and drying at the temperature (drying temperature does not exceed 130 ℃). Although this dry-type transformers than oil-immersed transformers in the fire performance has made great progress, but its moisture, anti-pollution performance is worrying. Is no longer produced. Nevertheless, its successful electrical, magnetic, thermal calculations and structural design have laid a good foundation for the new H-class insulated open-ended transformers that have evolved later.
Q:Brass is not an insulating material?
Of course not, brass is still relatively good conductor blanket, and also has good thermal conductivity
Q:What is the electrical performance of insulating materials
Insulation material electrical performance mainly refers to: good dielectric properties, high insulation resistance and compressive strength. Do not occur leakage, creeping or breakdown and other accidents. Good heat resistance performance in the long-term heating state no significant change in performance. Good thermal conductivity, moisture resistance and mildew resistance.
Q:What is the 8 ° C rule for insulating materials?
The service life will be greatly shortened, such as ATR insulation material limit working temperature of 105 ℃, when the ultimate working temperature of 8, the life will be reduced by about half, which is the so-called 8 ℃ thermal deterioration rules
Q:What is the difference between insulation and pressure?
Insulation resistance is measured with an insulation resistance tester (10000V or less) or an insulation shaking table (2500V or less). Since the test voltage is low, many insulation defects are not easily found; the withstand voltage test test voltage is high and the high pressure equipment is easily found Insulation defects;
Q:What insulating materials do you need for power tools?
Reinforced insulation: the voltage between the live parts and the accessible housing is 3750V, such as the voltage between the brush and the cover surface; double insulation: basic insulation + additional insulation. Main insulating material: green paper or DMD Insulation paper for basic insulation; shaft insulation and plastic housing for additional insulation; rotor insulation end plate, stator insulation end plate, used to control the creepage distance and electrical clearance; brush grip bakelite powder, used to strengthen the insulation; other parts (Power plugs, commutators, switches, etc.) These are pressure requirements.
Q:What insulating materials are used for high frequency transformers?
Can be brush, can be sprayed, can be baked Here is the main raw material for ice making. Selection of industrial products. All around the paint factory production. General high-frequency transformer insulation materials used by the scope and form are divided into: impregnated paint, covering paint, silicon steel paint, anti-corona paint four.

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