Low-noise Gasoline Generator Set 5KW to 20KW

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Low-noise Gasoline Generator Set 5KW to 20KW


1. Multiple silencers, unique structure design, low noise, easy maintenance

2. High-quality air-cooled engine, light weight, high efficiency and reliable

3. Brushless motor, good waveform, high efficiency, low failure rate

4.Can provide ATS unit and remote control unit according to customer needs

5.The OHV four-stroke engine has strong power, sufficient horsepower, low emissions, large-bore operation and stable performance.

6.Closed appearance design, two major noise reduction devices: built-in soundproof cotton + carbon steel muffler, which can effectively reduce noise; the standard universal moving wheel, follow the push and move, convenient and fast.

7.Large copper wire motor with sufficient power and more stable performance; suitable for different harsh environments, quick start and strong load.

8.Multi-function digital display meter: voltage, frequency, duration are clear at a glance, reading is accurate, full-featured, and can be effectively controlled.

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Low-noise Gasoline Generator Set






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Q:How much power does the generator from the diesel need to produce in order to bring the train up to running speed?
At 600 volts they usually pull a maximum of around 1500 amps, that is short term, sustainable would be somewhere 1000 to 1200, depends on the locomotive.
Q:I am thinking about installing solar panels on my roof and I am just wondering if it will be possible to completely get my house off the grid. I live in the state of Missouri. I am thinking to buy a house in Florida also and I want to install solar panels on that house if I ever buy it. How many KW will it take lets say for an average 3-4 BDRM?
The average American household uses 920 KWh per month (recent DOE stat.) Off grid is a very novel idea, if it was still 1970 or you live in a part of Missouri which would require utility lines brought to you at your expense. With that said the future of the U.S. is (hopefully) moving toward what is called a 'smart grid systems and net metering'. This is where your excess electric production will be returned to you in the form of a payment generated by your 'power plant home', unless you use it all up in your 'mobile power unit', i.e. your electric car. Going off grid isn't as easy as it sounds with needing a battery back up room etc. Also, if you are serious about off grid, then your home will need to incorporate the most efficient technology and passive solar design to keep your electricity demand down. Good luck with your endeavor.
Q:I am a programmer. And a engineer. Me and my team have been working on a project. Can't really put much detail in the project other than it needs to be powered by something heavy. This project consists of land and air activity so it is a electricity killer. We have tried a very heave battery and charger_ failed. Gasoline isn't an option in this case. We have tested many forms of electricity- but non seem reliant. It's been about 3 months since we have tried. Any ideas? Or should we just give up.
Get a diesel powered generator.
Q:and diesel generator and ATS that switches between two electrical sources ??
There may be no difference. It will depend on the application. For example, if I specified an ATS that had the proper voltage and current capacities, the only other item of concern would be to determine if the transfer would be a make before break or a break before make type of transfer. In a make before break, it would mean the sources would be placed into parallel operating condition before one of the sources was interrupted. This would require the ability to synchronize the sources. Which means the frequency, voltage and phase relationship of the sources must match before they are placed into parallel service. On a break before make switch, usually only phase rotation and approximate voltage levels are of concern. Hope this helps, Newton1Law
Q:diesel generator
1. Determine the diameter of the cylinders and piston stroke of locomotive engine 2. Determine the wheel diameter of the locomotive 3. Find the mean pressure of the piston for the generator engine 4. Multiply the cylinder diameter by itself 5. Multiply 324 by the stroke length 6. Multiply 7,776 by the mean pressure of the piston 7. Divide 622,080 by the diameter of the locomotive wheel.
Q:Hi, I'm fifteen and going to Tanzania in February on a Mission trip. I don't know what to wear, because I don't wanna wear Nike Shorts and offend people. I'm on a mission trip so I definitley wanna be representing Christ. I also need a pack list so I wont be forgetting anything. Also, what do I take money-wise? Cash, debit nfused. First time over seas. HELP! God Bless! Merry Christmas!:) -Emma
Emma Not knowing your race, I will give you some advice if you are African-American: don't where trousers. Black women in Tanzania who do are viewed as prostitutes in many areas. Secondly, as a black person, you will automatically be expected to speak Swahili or the local tribal language. That said, bring along a small, quality flashlight and extra batteries. Also, extra batteries for other equipment such as a camera. Don't expect to be able to charge these items as many mission sites are remote and likely to run on a diesel generator that is not equipped with an inverter. Bring comfortable footwear with a solid sole and up to your ankles. There are often minute larvae which will become embedded in the soles of your feet and can be uncomfortable. They are removed with a sterilized needle. At age 15, bring a supply of female necessities because they will not be readily available. Leave your cosmetics at home. Here are some things that come in handy - a few quart and gallon size baggies, string, a bungi cord or two, rubber bands, small Tupperware containers, matches or a lighter, water canteen, candles, sun hat, small super glue, band-aids,paper,envelopes, pens/pencils. As far as money, you should consult your group adviser. An ATM is hard to find in the jungle or on the open plain, as is a bank. You will be able to find these things in Dar es Salaam, where you should stock up on Tanzanian shillings, depending on the frequency you expect to travel to a city. When I lived in the jungle, I got to a city 2 or 3 times a year, so it was essential to know what I needed before heading back to the mission. Chances are, you will not be in a remote area. I know these things came in handy for me, but I spent years in Sundi Lutete.
Q:What are the advantages of diesel generator sets
Fuel economy, high thermal efficiency, working conditions change, the fuel consumption curve is relatively flat, low load economy
Q:has there been any long term tests on the effects on the engine from running it on hydrogen produced from a hydrogen generator and your ordinary gasoline/Diesel?also has anyone attempted to hook a hydrogen/H2O/Brown's gas generator up to a actual diesel generator like wisperwatt or any kind of diesel generator?any help would be great thanks!
Long term or short term is that is doesn't work. It's a con and I can prove it. I've been posting here a long time and have posted why it won't and can't work and the HHO people have NEVER not once shown where I'm wrong, I post all my numbers shown all my math, I've even show where I get my numbers. I've even assumed that HHO works and used THEIR numbers and it still doesn't work out. Sorry but there's no free lunch. Post an edit if you want to see why it won't work using their numbers and assuming it works.
Q:I'm a salesman for a welding supplies company, and a customer is interested in buying a diesel welder/generator for use in the paddock where he can't get electricity. While looking around I've come across a 200amp machine but it says it's a 200amp AC welder. it was my understanding that all welders are DC standard, and the AC current was only on welders to weld aluminum.
At 3000 RPM it would make 50 Hz. not 60 HZ power. My guess is that the speed regulation would not be good enough just because precise regulation costs more. It is rated for 75 Volts. It would probably be cheaper to buy a 10HP generator than try to adapt a welder.
Q:I am build a 40KVA permanent magnet generator for diesel engine. the customer request the voltage is DC 28V after an rectifier. may be this 28V dc charge for the battery. can someone help me how much AC voltage should be output by the permanent magnet generator?permanent magnet generator----AC ???V----rectifier---28VDC---charge to battery.
In AC side connect a series high current Choke with less no of turns take the out put use a High current bridge Diodes with suitable heat sink.For regulating out put ,In the series choke place a Dc winding that can be excited by a separate dc circuit, Increase saturation will give same voltage decrease excitation will give drop in voltage.It is like magnetic Amplifier.Set the out put voltage with pre set point or a regulating circuit.I have given rough Idea If you want further detail PM me (This only cheapest method unless you have use thyristor or others to con troll may be expensive)

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