Lipstick 2600mAh Portable Power Bank External Backup Power Bank

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Capacity: 2600mAh

Input: 5V/1A

Output: 5V/1A

Dimension: 24*24*90mm

Package Weight: 75g

Color: Pink, purple, grey, blue

Fit for: iPhone, iPod, Mobile Phone, MP3/MP4, PSP, NDS...


Fashion anddelicate design,

Elaborate craft and hard shell,

Portable and user-friendly control.

Multiple safety protection system to ensuredevices safety.


1. Long service life, more than 500 times the charging and discharging.

2. The Power bank  use of advanced intelligent protection chip, the overcharge protection, discharge protection, overload protection, short circult protection, Leakage protection and five heavy security protection.

3. The lithium-ion polymer, long service life, more safety

4. After 72 hours again test, the product performance is stable.


Do not use under extreme heat.

At least charge the power bank every 3 months.

Please store the power bank in cool&dry places.

Keep away from corrosive material, fire&heat (eg, sunlight)

In the case of electrolytic liquid leakage on skin or clothes pleasewash with clean water, otherwise it will carse skin inflammation.
Lipstick 2600mAh Portable Power Bank External Backup Power Bank (GM26)Lipstick 2600mAh Portable Power Bank External Backup Power Bank (GM26)

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