Light 2-in-1 stick(HEPA filter ) vacuum cleaner #S07

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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:


Model: S07




Light 2-in-1 stick VC (HEPA filter )





600W-800W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 1.5L

2pcs accessories and one hose  for handy VC

With telescopic metal tube

Turbo brush available


Product size: 377*125*170mm

GB size: 580*155*145mm

Master carton size: 588*495*295mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 2160/4500/4800pcs



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Q:Will Robotic Vacuum Cleaners go from room to room on their own?
Robotic vacuums are great nowadays as technology becomes better and better. Yes they can go from room to room and clean on their own.
Q:Can anyone recommend a good, lightweight vacuum cleaner with good suction power and fairly priced?
Good Lightweight Vacuum
Q:When did the following become common in homes?
Washing machines, irons, and irons, I would say probably in the 1910s or 1920s, but dishwashers, dryers and hair dryers in the 1960s. I was 4 y/o when we got our first TV (1952) and was out of college and working when I got my first color TV (1973).
Q:Does anyone know when Dyson vacuum cleaners will go on sale?
I bought mine at Lowe's it was not advertised as being on sale, I saved over 100.00. When I went to the front it range up on sale (they are very good, I love mine )
Q:does a vacuum cleaner pick up as much dirt while you pull it backwards?
From what I understand, a vacum cleaner can produce just as much, if not better suction when being pulled backwards. Dysons are the best and most reliable for this in ,my experience.
Q:I want to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. I want to go bagless. What are some good brands?
About canister vacs: Canisters are great at cleaning hardwood floors, drapes and hard to reach spots. Most canisters also come with an assortment of tools and attachments for special cleaning jobs. Some may find it awkward because you pull the vacuum from behind. If you don't want to replace your vacuum every year, go with a Dyson. It is the best purchase you will ever make. I spent hours looking in stores for the perfect vacuum and ended up finding just what I needed, the dyson dc15 animal, online (MUCH lower prices and better info) The suction never wears out, so you won't need to replace it. It is great at getting up hair and for people with allergies.
Q:steam vacuum carpet cleaner?
Try the source link you will find cheap and discounted vacuum cleaners there. is the best store to purchase vacuum cleaners in my opinion
Q:would a vacuum cleaner pick up dust from a rug on the moon?
No. Fluids move from high pressure to low pressure. Vacuum cleaners work by making a lower pressure system inside the vacuum cleaner, but because you cannot make pressure lower than what it is in vacuum (space), so the vacuum cleaners cannot pick anything up, because the pressure is higher than the vacuum of space.
Q:Best upright, bag vacuum cleaner? Easy to remove roller?
I love this vacuum. The Sebo is almost $600 but I only paid $300 for the Flexamatic (and it's even more heavy duty..go figure). I've owned her for almost 6 years, run her nearly every day and have never had a problem. I have had to replace the brush once, but it pops out very easily for cleaning and changing. All you have to do is push a button, twist the edge off and it slides right out. And every time I change the filters and bag, it's like having a brand new machine. My vacuum has done all the things that I saw claimed by Dyson. It never loses suction and it can maneuver anywhere.
Q:What vacuum cleaners perform well and cost around $100?
Eureka Boss consistently gets high marks from Consumer Reports.

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