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Todetermine the accurate length of yarn, reference to tests of Yarn lineardensity, yarn count and Yarn strength.

fiber lengthmeasuring tester fiber fineness tester

To determine the accuratelength of yarn, reference to tests of Yarn linear density, yarn count and Yarnstrength.


ISO2060.2, ISO2060,ASTM D1907

Instrument characteristics

1.Timingcog belt of direct transmission, No-lap skid

2.Countintby Optocoupler

3.Importelectronic tension sensors, dynamic display the around yarn tension, noadditional tension impact (Btype)

Technical parameters.

1.Testingspindle numbers: 6 magentas

2.Spindlesspace: 60mm

3.Winchcircumference: 1000±1mm

4.Winchspeed: 20~250rpm(Stepless speed regulation)

5.Palygorskiteyarn laps: 1~9999

6.Shakeyarn peciprocating distance of horizontal travel:35±0.5mm

7.Singleyarn tension range:0~100±1cN

8.Powersource:AC220V  50Hz  100W



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