Weaving Machinery H

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Specification of Weaving Machinery H

1. special medical gauze & bandage weaving machine,plain fabric

2. Machine working width:150cm

3. Fabric max width:145cm

4. Fabric min width:80cm

5. R.P.M:500-600

6. Mechanical take-up,mechanical let-off

7. Thread count:7-20pick per inch

8. Cotton yarn:25s-40s

9. warp beam diameter:800mm ,cloth roller diameter will be 800mm at most.

10. loom motor power:1.3kw

11. electricity consumption:1.5kw/h

12. air consumption:0

13.one air pump is installed in the machine


Packaging & Delivery of Weaving Machinery H

Packaging Detail: Pallet packing for long distance
Delivery Detail: 30-35days after reveive deposit or original L/C


Feature of Weaving Machinery H

1.Adopts the cam with eccentric shaft structure for making terry motion and replaces the old type of knocking bill motion structure. It assures the machine having high reliability of making terry and regulating conveniency.

2.Adopts shout crank arm beating-up motion, increasing greatly the beating-up force during weaving that assures the enough strength the weave the heavy towel.

3.thicker weft beating shaft assures enough beating rigidity, it can weaving the wide fabric more than 2800mm

4.adopts optimized six linkages weft insertion structure, make the weft insertion curve more soft

5.the two electromagnets which controlled the terry raising, controlled by technical program which set by electric control system, It can weaving high and low terry

6.the reed seat and other main parts made up of aluminum alloy, make the machine running faster more stable, more than 200rom speed make it the perfect model to replace the low speed towel rapier loom




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