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YG011 fiber bundle strength tester is an instrument to check the holdingstrength and elongation at breakage of fiber tufts



STELOMETER is an instrument to check the holding strength and elongation at breakageof fiber tufts.

Holding strength reading on a graduated scale from 0 to 7 kPa (step0.1kPa), elongation reading on a graduated scale from 0% to 50%.



ISO 3060

Note: this tester can conform to but not limit to the standards above, formore standards conformance, please contact us.


l Calibrate each stelometer by force measuring andelongation devices that are special designed by our company only, ensurepointer indications (force value and elongation) are match to real value andkeep test result stable and high accuracy;

l Special designed table clamps and pressley clamp (we aresupplier for USTER) can hold fiber tufts effectively, and avoid slipping oraffect test as hold tight;

l Read test values of breaking strength and elongationdirectly from two scales after finishing test;                      

l After fiber tufts breaks, there is no malfunctionmistakes;

l Test result with high accuracy and with good correlationwith yarn strength.


Standard Configuration of Fiber Bundle Strength Tester:

Thickness   of sample holding clamp


Thickness   of separator


Test Range

Breaking Load 20N-70N

Elongation 0-50% (3.2mm)

Applying   load speed

10N/s,   adjustable

Correction   Coefficient (approxi.)



Temperature be 20±2°C,

Relative humidity be (65±3)%)


320 x390   x160mm



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