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Leather sofa model-15

Leather sofa model-15

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Products size:(CM)

ItemH(height)W(width)Depth(depth for total)
One seat9280109
Three seat92188109
Corner seat92108190
All 3 item covers 376cm*190cm. Packed into 3 package for 3.2CBM.

Size can be customised as the request. Only take 2-5 more days than the regulars.

Raw Materials:

A) Wood frame
a) High quality solid wood,high density, high hardness,Fully kiln dired solid fame,all of the timber are embalmed, anti-moth-eaten, disinfection treatment, while surrounded
by polishing, in strict accordance with the implementation of national standards.
b) through the high-temperature drying three times ,Woodrame moisture contain control between 12-15%
c) All corners are "blocked", nailed, and glued for strength and durability.Wood frame joints are conducted viscose processing, and more effective reinforcement structure
and to avoid voice.
B) Metal pipe: Using high-frequency welded pipe, the pipe thickness of the stressed part > 1.5mm.
C) Bedding material: Products such as linen, cloth, brown cloth, and cotton (weaving) meet the health and safety requirements.
D) Foams: High-resilience foam Sponges are high density rebound foam,sofa feels comfortable,any density elasticity foam available
E) Adhesive: Hazardous material meets the GB18581 standard requirements.
F) Wood coatings: hazardous substances meet the GB18581-2001 standard requirements.
G) Elastic material: The straight of snake spring steel wire (3.0-4.0) mm. Middle concave (or wrapper): The diameter of spring wire(1.0-3.0) mm.
H) Raw materials insurance: Absolutely no recycled materials.

Leather Option:

Full or half (Italian leather, Chinese leather,top grain leather, split, bycast, micro-fiber,pu,pvc)
a) Italian top grain leather + PVC=half leather
b) Full Italian top grain leather = full leather
c) Chinese top grain leather +PVC= half leather
d) Full Chinese top grain leather = full leather
e) Half leather : sitting face,backrest front and armrest are top grain leather ; backrest back,side and bottom are PVC.
f) Full leather: full top grain leather

Q:she is CONSTANTLY licking the bed until there are huge wet spots on the bed! can someone explain?
i might say her respiratory is short and rapid because of the stress in her abdomen and chest section from the puppies. The licking of the vulva is in all risk basically cleansing for now. she ought to doubtlessly circulate into hard artwork each time now so shop close tabs on her. have you ever been taking her temp? something around the ninety 8 degree variety might point out puppies with in 24 hours. as long as she looks tender and isn't any longer straining and would not look in misery then she is high-quality. Bringing her to the vet acceptable now ought to rigidity her out extra then help her except she is in misery or is straining and not generating puppies.
Q:What are the advantages of all solid wood?
Solid wood furniture, solid and durable, furniture life is generally, and years, the life of solid wood furniture, panel furniture is at least twice, if it is a good point of solid wood furniture, the Mao tenon structure production, is enduring!
Q:There's colored bedding on the market now. Is it safe? It's the same brand I always use just dyed different colors. I have been using the non dyed brand for about a year and kayda hasn't had any isues with it. It's the only bedding I've ever given to her. Any suggestions?
better stick with what you have your hamster is more used to it and there is no need to switch better be safe than sorry
Q:I know a question similar was asked before but I need a somewhat specific answer of what I need to do/what products to buy. I live in a dorm and unfortunately we have beds without holes, therefore no screws to bunk the bed. Is there a safe way to do this without damaging the beds? Thank you so much, 10 POINTS!
no, not without the beds passably coming apart.
Q:I want to purchase a bed rail for our bed and want to find one big enough. Our bed is a queen! I want something so that I can leave the baby in bed so I can leave the room to go to the bathroom at night or do the dishes with out worrying that she might roll out of bed!! She naps in her crib during the day but we have chose to bedshare until she is ready for her own bed. She is 9 months and tends to roll on her belly and sit up in bed a lot!! No rude criticism please - just need a good safe bedrail - thanks-v
Never leave an infant unattended on an adult bed, even with a bedrail. The main reason why its unsafe to bed share with an infant isnt they might fall off the bed, its the bedding and mattress from an adult bed is very different from an infants bedding and mattress, its much plushier and loose. The reason why in some countries its very common to cosleep is in those countries and there arent many incidents is they have very different beds, they are usually much firmer and dont have the loose bedding and are much lower to the ground, so its safe for the babies, but in America, dozens of babies die every year from getting their faces wrapped in bedding or having their airways blocked by the plushy mattress. Because of this, I highly suggest that you keep her crib next to your bed, this way she wont sleep alone and you can have open access to her night, but shes in a safe bed.
Q:I want to start wetting the bed at night. How do I make myself pee the bed while sleeping?
For starters, congratulations on setting a goal and striving to attain it. Now days too many young people just drift aimlessly through life. Good to see a motivated individual. The best way to start wetting the bed (barring you don't want to head down to your local library and check out Bedwetting: From clenched to drenched in 10 days is to drink a lot starting about two hours before bed. Tea is a good choice. Two large glasses an hour without using the bathroom prior to bedtime. You will wake up in the middle of the night with the urge to urinate. Ignore it and try to go back to sleep. Let your body relax. Nature should take care of the rest. Good luck to you.
Q:I want to find some blue teen bedding (single duvet and pillow case) for a girl, preferably with a surf/beach/swirls theme.
Bed okorder is another place with a good selection of bedding.
Q:I'm looking for THE toughest dog bed on the market. We've gone through 10-12 dog beds in the last year and are tired of buying beds. I want one that can withstand the chew attack and last more than 4 weeks. Any suggestions? Thanks
Toughest Dog Bed
Q:Is mattress expensive or bed expensive?
Look what grade you buy, there are high-end. For example, high-grade natural brown sesame mattress sell 5, 6 yuan a thousand yuan, thousand yuan can also buy a nice bed.
Q:I called for a butler and I assigned a single bed for him/her but every time he/she goes to bed they sleep in MY bed. How do I get them to stay out of my bed? I've fired 3 butlers already. Any ideas??
Butlers don't like doors!!! Put in an arch instead. Idk if you should buy/assign a bed after butler is hired makes a difference. I did that and arches and butler slept in assigned bed.

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