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Products size:(CM)

ItemH(height)W(width)Depth(depth for total)
One seat9280109
Three seat92188109
Corner seat92108190
All 3 item covers 376cm*190cm. Packed into 3 package for 3.2CBM.

Size can be customised as the request. Only take 2-5 more days than the regulars.

Raw Materials:

A) Wood frame
a) High quality solid wood,high density, high hardness,Fully kiln dired solid fame,all of the timber are embalmed, anti-moth-eaten, disinfection treatment, while surrounded
by polishing, in strict accordance with the implementation of national standards.
b) through the high-temperature drying three times ,Woodrame moisture contain control between 12-15%
c) All corners are "blocked", nailed, and glued for strength and durability.Wood frame joints are conducted viscose processing, and more effective reinforcement structure
and to avoid voice.
B) Metal pipe: Using high-frequency welded pipe, the pipe thickness of the stressed part > 1.5mm.
C) Bedding material: Products such as linen, cloth, brown cloth, and cotton (weaving) meet the health and safety requirements.
D) Foams: High-resilience foam Sponges are high density rebound foam,sofa feels comfortable,any density elasticity foam available
E) Adhesive: Hazardous material meets the GB18581 standard requirements.
F) Wood coatings: hazardous substances meet the GB18581-2001 standard requirements.
G) Elastic material: The straight of snake spring steel wire (3.0-4.0) mm. Middle concave (or wrapper): The diameter of spring wire(1.0-3.0) mm.
H) Raw materials insurance: Absolutely no recycled materials.

Leather Option:

Full or half (Italian leather, Chinese leather,top grain leather, split, bycast, micro-fiber,pu,pvc)
a) Italian top grain leather + PVC=half leather
b) Full Italian top grain leather = full leather
c) Chinese top grain leather +PVC= half leather
d) Full Chinese top grain leather = full leather
e) Half leather : sitting face,backrest front and armrest are top grain leather ; backrest back,side and bottom are PVC.
f) Full leather: full top grain leather

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Join me in mine,, ;] -Bob
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Q:I must stay at a YMCA this weekend and I've heard there Might be bed bugs. What methods of prevention might you suggest? Essential oils? Garlic? Pagan circles? Steak? :) ...but seriously....help?
Bed okorder
Q:Does anyone want a mattress on the ground without a bedstead?
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a bed is a bed, sure they can use them.
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He is bored. Give him some exercise and something to do or play with while you aren't taking care of him.
Q:How can the wood flea be destroyed at home?
The purpose is to eradicate the breeding of prevention and control of environmental conditions, namely, to rectify the indoor health, debris removal, the slot on the bed board, brown walls, shed and easy to breed bug, with lime putty or blocking block, a bug breeding must tear off burn wallpaper.
Q:Cant see any bite marks, but i itch at night. Do i have bed bugs? Have sprayed every thing, but i still itch.
You have fleas..
Q:Ive heard from somewhere they dont hide on metal, and that they wouldnt hide on a metal bed frames
They rather like burrowing into the woodwork surrounding beds when they're not nomming tasty manflesh. It doesn't even have to be the bed frame, it could be any wood in the vicinity. It's one reason it's such a pig to get rid of the blighters. I don't think they'd be very good on metal. You'd see them apart from anything else.

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