JJW SJW A.C. Precision Purity Regulated Power Supply

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

It often happens that the electrical equipment are damaged because of lack of power. The experts of power point out most 80% malfunctions of computer are caused by A.C. power supply directly or indirectly. So as to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment, the power supply must be improved. Our products fulfill the requirements in such places for his spurious characteristic. Our products are suitable for the following fields: science department, university, corporation, hospital, broadcasting station, communication equipment, traffic system, test equipment and all automatic production equipment.


2. Product Characteristic:

A.C. Precision purity regulated power supply is our new, high characteristic electronic A.C. regulated equipment as KUPA doctor’s theory, combining Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop colander net, which integrates multi-functions such as purity regulation and anti-disturbance. They are of wide range in regulation, fast speed in response, high precision in regulation etc.,to refrain all kinds of noise from power net and disturbance from peak. They are your first choice among of A.C. regulated power supply at present, which are 614 series electronic A.C. regulated power supply and ideal substitution regulated power supply.



Single phase:170-270V Three phases:310-450V

Range of input regulation:

Single phase:185-250V, output:220±5%

Three phases:330-450V, output:380±0.5%

Input frequency:50Hz±5%

Alarm value of output voltage

Single phase:output higher than 242V or lower than 198V

Three phases:output higher than 418V or lower than 342V


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Q:can we increase the current using transformer?
If you mean a 10 amp transformer, I hope you like the smell of burning insulation. However, you could re-wind the transformer to use one twelfth the number of secondary turns, using wire with twelve times the cross sectional area.
Q:Where can I buy transformers?
Transformers as in the action figures? You can find them at Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, or Target.
Q:20) A step-up transformer is connected to a generator that is delivering131 V and 96 A. The?
a step up transformer is connected to the generator. therefore the voltage on the primary side of the transformer is 131 volts. secondary turns/primary turns secondary voltage/primary voltage. therefore voltage on secondary side 131*859 112.529KV secondary turns/primary turns primary current/secondary current therefore current on the secondary side 96/859 111.756mA. in order to cross verify, the power on primary side power on the secondary side. i.e 131*96112.529KV*111.756mA.
Q:What is the meaning of the transformer without excitation?
Non-excitation voltage regulator is relative to the load regulator, the load regulator, then the tap switch need to consider switching the transformer when the freewheeling to ensure that the current is continuous, does not affect the power grid, but no excitation regulator Is the state of the power regulator, the tap-changer does not need to re-flow to the transformer, so there is no type of freewheeling components
Q:Did anyone in here use to watch the Transformers cartoon?
Actually no. No knowledge of the TV series should affect you watching the movie. The story of the Autobots and the Decepticons is clearly explained in the movie. It doesn't matter is you've seen the TV shows or not. This movie is for everyone. Not everyone because there are some inappropriate terms used that you would usually hear in a high school. There is also one scene where a mother asks her son if he has been mas*****ting. It's not really a kids movie. But, despite that one scene, it's one of the best movies I've seen this summer and once again, no, you don't need to watch the TV series.
Q:What are the serious consequences of transformer circulation?
In a three-phase power system, the three-phase voltage (or current) at the same time is the position of the phase, usually symmetrical balance of the three-phase voltage or current phase of the phase check 120 °, in the power system, generators and transformers Whether the phase is consistent, directly related to whether they can run side by side, and then the electromagnetic connection of the same system side by side or two transformers side by side, and the new line when the measurement phase is indispensable one of the experimental project, the purpose of the measurement is to determine the phase and Whether the phase sequence is correct, to prevent the phase and phase sequence from each other, in parallel with the short circuit or a huge circulation caused by burning equipment.
Q:How do I determine if a transformer is beyond the normal temp range and is at risk of failure?
The temperatures you measured seem hot but might be acceptable for the type of materials used to insulate the coil inside the transformer. Only the designer of the transformer could tell if it's too hot or not. One rule of thumb : for non industrial electrical devices, the outside temperature of the device should remain at a temperature that lets you touch it without feeling pain. But one thing is sure: high temperature is not good because the transformer will age faster and it's less efficient (and therefore generates more heat). The transformer can overheat for 2 reasons : either your load is above the nominal rating or the transformer is not able to cool down as designed (usually because it's in an enclosure which doesn't let the heat get out). If you are indeed getting 750kva from it, then you are definitely at risk. That's more than 3 times the nominal rating. I would be surprised that it lasted for so long. If you can't reduce the load (best option), try to let more air flow freely around it by removing stuff around it. Last resort try cooling it down by forcing cool air to flow around it with a fan. But this can be tricky because the bottleneck of the heat exchange could be inside the transformer so the outside might get cooler and the inside could remain very hot.
Q:Transformer question:?
4 transformers would work in theory. 10v ➔100v ➔ 1000v ➔ 10000v There is something called volts per turn. in the first transformer, that is 1, but in the fourth it is 1000, and that high a number will never work. wikipedia: The turns per volt figure typically varies from 1 to about 4, with around 4 turns per volt common for small appliance transformers, and around 1 turn per volt used for intermittent duty fan cooled microwave oven transformers. Volts per turn is commonly used for larger transformers, distribution transformers are often limited by excessive insulation required between each turn. .
Q:Hopefully very simple transformer question?
Transformers can work on dc if you oscillate the pulse. a steady dc voltage will not produce the any inducement. a simple 555 timer will work on small dc voltages. for larger voltages you could actually use an on/off switch and switch it manually very fast. High voltage oscillators are available. But rectifying is not necessary
Q:who loves transformers??????
I LOVE that movie, but only because the guy called Sam is hot.

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