HZW series chemical single stage axial flow pump

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Product Description:

The performance of the pump diameter from 300 ~ 700 mm, the flow of 500 ~ 5000 m3 / h, lift 3 ~ 5 m, work pressure 0.6 MPa, or less working temperature 250 ℃ or less

Summary: there are 250, 300, 350, 450, 500, 600, such as specifications, good reliability, easy maintenance, is designed for the characteristics of the cycle engineering in alkali, salt specially designed circulating pump. Mainly used in large flow, low head of chemical process, especially suitable for alkali, salt, fermentation industry, metallurgy, evaporation and concentration, the phosphate fertilizer industry such as crystal, material circulation and forced circulation process system. HZW series draw lessons from the success of industry technology, into their own design, raise the operation reliability of the axial flow pump and balance, make the maintenance cycle and service life is greatly increased.

Product performance:

Through the optimization of the transmission design, run small vibration, low noise * transmission balance, higher reliability, maintenance cycle is more than double, life expectancy increased by 20%

Adopts full steel welding structure, material density is high, good corrosion resistance

Simple structure, light weight * normal working temperature 0-180 ℃

Structural characteristics of

HZW series chemical axial-flow pump for cantilever structure, pump body and suspension body have their own weight from foot to foot fixed on the base, to ensure the pump running stability and maintenance convenience and security.

Shaft seal for the impeller dynamic seal and the combination of mechanical seals, pump and still are not leak at runtime. Mechanical seal with the company's patent within 171 series single face, static seal, easy installation and maintenance, good sealing effect, long use period. Running water does not need to pressure, the pressure is in commonly 0.1 Pma, its import and export flow depending on the cooling water temperature difference, generally not more than 15 ℃ temperature. Cooling water seal is the combination of skeleton oil seal and packing, can be common with each other.

The direction of rotation of the pump: look from the driving end for counterclockwise.

Import and export of pump bearing: conventional progresses to bottom out, according to user requirements to the next in the out, direction of rotation is constant.

Routine for straight association-like pump connection way, according to user requirements can provide belt transmission structure.

Purpose: alkali production industry, salt industry, light industry, metallurgy, phosphate fertilizer plant, glauber's salt plant, alumina, etc.

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