Hydraulic Rexroth Throttle Valve Yuken Pressure Hydraulic Relief Valve

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1000 unit/month

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High Pressure





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Medium Temperature



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China (Mainland)

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Black or customer made





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Check valve

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Packaging Detail:1 Plastic 2 Small carton 3 Large Carton 4 Wooden case
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Hydraulic Rexroth Throttle Valve Yuken Pressure Hydraulic Relief Valve
1 High quality
2 Good service
3 Rexroth type Vickers


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Q:Help! Sticky Trumpet Valve?
My valves have had many issues over the past few years. Your problem is either 1. horn is dirty 2. there is a tiny dent (even 1/2mm is enough to stop the valve, happened to me last month). If your horn is dirty, there are plenty of youtube videos on how; it generally involves using water and rising all the gunk out. You could also have too much oil buildup. If there is a dent, don't even try to repair it yourself--it is waaaaay to hard, and you'll ruin the instrument even more. Take it to the store; it should only cost $20-30. I suggest you clean the trumpet first and then try to get it fixed if it is not good.
Q:Is it safe to ride a motorcycle with tapping valves?
Noisy valves are better than quiet ones. Quiet means the valves are not fully closing, and exhaust gases will squeeze out the intake and exhaust ports causing burning of the valve seats. Shouldn't hurt too much to ride it until it's convenient for you. Keep an ear out, if it starts to get louder or somehow changes suddenly, you'll probably want to take it in right away.
Q:Severe aortic bicuspid valve?
confident you could have continually had this, that's some thing you have been born with. a classic aortic valve is tricuspid, it is it has 3 last flaps, yet a bicuspid valve purely has 2 flaps. sometimes those bicuspid valves provide no issues, yet in some human beings they could bring about coronary heart murmur later in existence ( oftentimes on your 30s or 40s ) simply by fact they permit a sprint blood to leak returned the incorrect way while they are closed. If this gets intense sufficient, you would be able to choose surgical treatment to greater healthful a synthetic valve. that's enormously ordinary those days and not some thing to rigidity approximately.
Q:Water Turnoff Valve will not come off?
basically component to the diverter valve is broken, besides the undeniable fact that, it extremely is terrific to replace to total diverter stem. If their are 3 handles, you are able to do away with the middle one devoid of turning the water off. Then convey total stem with you to the ironmongery shop. There are quite some video clips on youtube and different ironmongery shop factors of interest in case you like help. good success.
Q:why do valves need to be adjusted and shimed on amotorcycle?
Your prospective Hyosung may require some more frequent adjustments because the initial wear on its machined surfaces would still be polishing each other off.... surfaces like your hardened valve seats against the sealing surfaces of the valves... Or, the hardened surfaces of the cam lobes against the rocker arms. If your Hyosung's engine has been properly engineered, then its components have been properly case hardened. After their initial microscopic machined imperfections have been polished smooth, they shouldn't have to be checked as often. The Hyosung 250 was designed in Hamamatsu Japan by the same people who design Suzukis. It should turn out to be a great motorcycle. Perhaps frequent valve checks are because it's high revving and air cooled.?.? I owned an air cooled KZ550 Kawasaki, once. It required valve checks every 3000 miles. On the other hand, my wife has a 2007 Corolla. It has a low revving, Double Over Head Cam, 4 valve per cylinder LIQUID cooled engine. It requires valve adjustments every 60,000 miles.
Q:Valve seat removal?
There are a number of procedures that can work, depending on the metallurgy of the head and the valve seat. Most hobbyists and many professional auto mechanics farm the job out to a machine shop, as part of an overhaul process, where the cylinder head is reconditioned, with new valve and valve spring hardware, and thorough de-carbonizing, along with machine work needed to ensure the completed head assembly is true in all dimensions, and ready for replacement on the engine. Here's a link to a page that discusses the process in detail:
Q:1979 oldsmobile pcv valve?
Facing the engine, should be on your left valve cover. Has a hose attached to it and sticks into the valve cover.
Q:aftermarket blow off valve info?
Don't do it. First of all, if you knew enough about turbo charging or supercharging, blow off valves, bypass values, hooters, etc., then you would have known we need to know the size of engine, model of turbo, piping diameter, etc. The actual control lines are not that complex. By using your tongue you can tell what each line is ported to, and then you just need to know if you blow off valve is operated by vacuum or lack of vacuum. They make both types. And your throttle body will have ports on both sides of the plate. And yes, it does very much matter. Turbo charging is not for the novice to fool around with.
Q:bad valves honda civic??
have the head checked for level milling it may be warped if it has ever overheated..
Q:ac replacement valve?
The ac replacement valve? Well, what you can do is to get the new ac to replace the old ac.

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